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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Uh Oh...
I Am Clever

It occurs to me that I haven't posted anything since February. I'm officially a horrible person. I can't just keep abandoning this thing until NaBlo rolls around... :S


Anyway, a couple of things to placehold this.


1) I finally joined the rest of the world and got a smartphone (which is how I'm posting this). (Also why this is number one on the list, btw.)


2) I worked at HMCS Quadra over the summer again...this time in the Sail Dept, somewhere totally unknown to me.  I was the Divisional Officer for an Intermediate Sail division, a group of 24 kids aged about 14-15-16. It was a whole lot of fun, though, and I'm hoping to work in that department again next summer.


Anyway, real life calls. More updates to follow soon- I promise! :P