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Arrrggghhh!!! Absolutely NO Inspiration!!!
I Am Clever
(Doesn't the title say it all?)

I have had it. I can't think of ANYTHING to write about that isn't lame or been done already.

Will people please toss some Who-related, non-slash plot bunnies my way?


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I'd like to see what you do with a blind John Entwistle......

Hmmm...the idea has merit. *wiggles eyebrows*

Thanks for the idea! (I may already have some inspiration!)

And of course everything's been done already -- different writers doing different takes on similar plots makes life interesting.

hmmm. i usually write who related stuff like about what happens when a non-famous girl/heroine meets them, and how their relationship builds. i guess you could do that.
or you could do something like the who [from the 60s/70s- somehow come into the year 2007 and fiddle around with the tech and stuff. that'd be fun.
hopefully some of those helped!

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