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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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The Last Chapter
I Am Clever
Finally, the story has come to an end... tell me whether it was good or not!

Roger started to walk out the door. "Where're you goin', Roger?" Pete called. "You remember when that storm hit a few weeks back and Keith couldn't get home, and we didn't know where he was."

Roger sighed and turned around. He signed slowly: Going... for a... short... he closed his eyes as he tried to remember the proper sign. Finally, he just spelled it out. ...w-a-l-k.
Pete nodded. "Alright. Just one thing, though-you spelled it w-S-l-k."

Roger frowned. He threw his arms up in frustration and quickly stalked over to the nearest pencil and paper he could find. He brought it over to where Pete was and started to scribble something down, and as he wrote, Pete looked at the words, which said: I'm so bloody sick and tired of not being able to 'say' things properly anymore! I'm always misspelling the simplest words, and I feel trapped! I've got so many things that I want to say, but it all gets stuck in my no-longer working throat when it wants to come out! And all because of that accident... the pencil lead broke. Roger looked at Pete with such frustration, pain, and anger that Pete was taken aback.

But he merely blinked, and answered Roger quietly. Ever since the string of accidents had started, Pete had slowly become the 'father-figure' of sorts, and that had required a lot of effort on his part to keep a hold on his legendary temper. After a while, though, it had become second nature to be patient instead of snapping back (although he still would, occasionally).

"You feel trapped, then, Rog?"

Roger nodded, as he went to fetch something else to write with.

"Have you ever thought about how the rest of us feel?" Pete tilted his head.

When he returned with a pen, Roger shook his head and wrote, Not really. I've only really thought about how I've felt... that sounded really bad, didn't it?

Pete smiled slightly at the sight of those words, and continued, "Do you know how trapped I personally feel at times, knowing that I can't go anywhere quickly, that I can't drive anymore, that I no longer tower over you like I did before?"

No. I'VE certainly never known what it's like to tower over anyone, except for some certain short birds I've seen.

Pete raised an eyebrow. "Roger..."

Seriously though, I'll admit that I don't. I'm not you.

"How about Keith and John, hmmm? Do you know how frustrated John's gotten when he can't tell what people are saying because they talk too fast for him to read their lips? Or how limited Keith feels at times when he knows that he can't do half of the things he used to do, all because he can't see?"

Alright, alright! I get your point, Pete. Maybe I have been a little self-centered.

"A little?" Pete gave him a 'Look'.

Fine, maybe a lot. I'll try not to be, but it just gets so frustrating at times... especially when I know that the guy who did this is still on the loose.

"I know, Rog. You remember when I was in the accident, right?" Pete said, changing the subject.

Roger nodded an affirmative, and scrawled, The guy who hit you was so stoned out of his head he couldn't see straight. That's why we all dropped the stuff after that.

"Well, when I was in hospital, I had a lot of time to think about that. About that fact that it could have been any one of us driving the other car, out of our heads. I know you didn't really touch the drugs, but anyway... And I felt, no, I STILL feel ever so guilty for the reason that we may have been the ones to influence the driver to take that stuff. If people see famous persons, like we used to be, doing that sort of thing, then they're more likely to do the drugs, booze, and such. For all I know, it COULD have been my fault that I ended up like this and that the driver ended up being killed on the spot. But I just don't know now, do I?"

True. Y'know, I've gone over my own accident so many times in my mind, asking myself: What if I hadn't gone out that night? What if I hadn't flirted with other guys' girls the way I did? Would I have been able to avoid it? Maybe... but then again, maybe not.

Pete nodded approvingly. "Good. I think you're on the right track to not sitting around in your self-pity any more Now you go on that walk. You look like you need to get out."

Sure enough, Roger was shifting restlessly, and he gave a grateful smile as he wrote, Thanks. I'm gonna do that. I won't be long.

He headed for the door, turned to Pete, and signed: See... you... l-s-t-e-r.

Pete couldn't keep a grin from coming to his face. "You did it again!" he laughed. "Substituted the 's' for 'a'!"

Roger rolled his eyes, and grinned back, Get... it... eventually, Pete read as Roger turned and exited, laughing silently to himself.

Maybe, just maybe, everything would be alright.

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Very nice! I like the way it ended.

And I do the 's-for-a' thing all the time too! I feel his pain!

Thank you! So glad to hear you like it!

oooh wow, i really enjoyed it!
haha. i'm a bit late in reading it, but it was very good! i look foreward to more of your stuff :)

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