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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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NaBloPoMo 2010 - Day Twenty-Nine
Jeffrey Pout
Lately, things have been a bit tighter with money. Both for myself as a completely broke university student, and for my family, who've been losing things like baby bonuses ($200 a month for me; lost when I turned 18, and $100 a month for Alex; lost when he turned 6) and having miscellaneous expenses here and there add up over time.

So today, we had a Christmas Reality Talk on what to do for Christmas. Either way, no matter what we do, Christmas isn't going to be celebrated the same way as we have in the past.

Our options were:

1. Draw a (one) name out of a hat, and buy only that one person a present. $20-25 value, max.

2. Buy everyone presents, but keep all values to $3-5.

3. Chip in about $10 each (parents add $100), and we buy some stuff out of the Samaritan's Purse (an overseas charity ministry) catalogue for people in 3rd world countries.

4. Jean-Marc's joke suggestion - He buys everyone presents, and no one buys him anything (as he's the only one with a steady job). (This suggestion was met with lots of cheers and applause from all the other brothers, btw. :P)

My mom was bringing up all these suggestions because my parents can't really afford to do what they've done before (my dad gave us all money, ranging from $35-$50 depending on age; my mom got presents). And my mom knows I'm low on money.

Now, what the sad part is - is I can't afford any option. I can't even afford to pay my bills for 'Mom-taxi/phone/other' this month, as I'm jobless. I've applied for a bunch of jobs, but (as usual) have heard nothing back. I have about $1300 (I think) in the bank now, but that's a government student loan. I didn't want to have to dig into that until I needed it for school. I was hoping I wouldn't need it so soon. :(

And then there's people who have money, but don't want to spend it on gifts. (My brother wants to buy himself a laptop and doesn't want to spend any of that saved money. :/ sigh.)

I mean, I know the main focus of Christmas isn't about the presents, but, it's always nice to get stuff. Even if it was just practical things. Especially when you're like me - in desperate need. There's not too much I really want right now in stuff, but I was hoping to get at least some money to pay off bills. And I won't even get that. Hooray for government debt, and no way out of it. :/

Christmas is going to end so much sooner this year for us. We usually, (cuz we have so many individual and group presents) open only one present a day, and it makes Christmas last about a week/week and a half. But this year, it's gonna go by so much quicker. :( I'm not really looking forward to my Reality Christmas this year.