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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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NaBloPoMo 2010 - Day Three
I Am Clever
Okay, so today's post is gonna be short, because I have to get going very soon. But today, I give you the REAL story of Puff, the Magic Dragon! :D (Brought up because we had to notate it a couple of weeks ago for theory class [and since, haven't been able to get it out of my head]. You know you're in university WHEN... :P)

The Tale Of Custard The Dragon
There are many myths out there surrounding the meaning and lyrics of many a song, but as possible or plausible as some of these myths may sound, the plain truth is that sometimes the meanings are just as plain as the nose on your face.

Take for example the infamous myth regarding the 1965 hit "Puff, The Magic Dragon". The myth claims that the song is about smoking marijuana simply because it was sung by a hippie folk trio , contains the word "puff" in the song and title, involves 'Little Jackie Paper' supposedly a reference to cigarette rolling papers, and the "Land of Honah Lee" - a part of Hawaii with a reputation for the fertile growing of certain 'crops'.

As to the actual story, the lyrics were composed by college student Lenny Lipton, who after reading Ogden Nash's "The Tale Of Custard The Dragon", became melancholy about the days of his childhood and typed out the lyrics on fellow student and friend, Lenny Edelstein's typewriter. Edelstein's room-mate, Peter Yarrow came across the poem and composed accompanying music. Paul Yarrow is better known as the Paul from 'Peter, Paul & Mary', the trio who eventually brought "Puff The Magic Dragon" to fame.

Since the myth eventuated, Peter Yarrow, claims that no college student smoked pot in 1959, and the climate of the time seems to agree.In later years during a concert, the group further tried to debunk the myth by playing the US national anthem and humorously attempting to locate drug references within it.

Found on http://www.funfacts.com.au/

Enjoy! :D