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Home again! (Did anyone even notice I was gone?)
So cool it hurts
So, as the title says, I'm back home again (as of Tuesday) from my fifth and final summer working at HMCS Quadra. It's been a long, fun ride, and now it's over. :(

I was working in Seamanship (aka assorted ropework) again this summer, which was fun. The big difference from last year, however, was that I was in charge of what went on in there this year, and therefore, a higher rank (which also meant a higher rate of pay). Plus, I was working with a completely new team of people than last year, which made things a lot different. However, I adapted, and I had a really great time working with all of them. :D

I also had my share of unpleasant things that went on (which I won't go into), but thankfully, I had enough good times this summer to balance that out. My friend Kat (who didn't return to camp this year as she was off on an American tallship deployment) gave me a Scavenger Hunt to complete over the summer. There were 41 (or 42, depending on your opinion) items to complete, and I was able to get through the majority of the list, leaving only about 5 items unfinished. :D an overall success, in my opinion.

Another great thing about this summer was it allowed me to see my friend, known on here as tenor_dude, and get to know him a lot better. :)

Also, I got to meet many new people this year, as a good deal of my original friends didn't end up returning to camp.

Overall, I think the summer could've gone better, but nothing's perfect. Overall, it was a nice way to finish up my cadet career at camp. (I say 'cadet career' because I've been highly recommended to come back as an officer. So who knows?)

So, yeah, that's basically my summer in a nutshell. Where my life goes from here in the fall, I'm still not completely sure, but I intend to find out. :)

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