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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Random Thoughts (Please Comment)
I got to thinking about death last night/today (don't ask me why; I don't remember the reason), and I thought about funerals/memorial services, and the like, where everybody talks about the recently deceased and the impact they had on them and such.

So it got me wondering, if I were to die tomorrow (hypothetically speaking, of course - I'm not suicidal in the least), what would people say? Would they say anything? Would they say I was a jerk? That they wish they'd never met me? The complete opposite?

I'm asking you, the readers of this blog, whether it be on Facebook or on LJ, to respond. If I were to die tomorrow, what would you say at my funeral?


On another note, the song Our Last Summer by ABBA is starting to depress me, because it makes me think about this upcoming summer at Quadra, and how it's my last one there as a cadet. Which is suckish (the song depressing me), because I really love that song. :(

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If you were to die tomorrow

It would make me very sad if you died tomorrow, and when I come to your funeral, I'll say this: Goodbye. I will miss you like a person in a wheelchair two blocks away misses the bus. In my opion, we didn't spend enough time together, we maybe didn't get to know each other as well as we could, and it's my fault because, though I'm the one who has a licence and a vehicle, I never took the time, effort, or fuel to come visit. I'm sorry. On the other hand, you can no longer fight with anyone. Death has finally solved violence. It's too bad you won't be able to go to Quadra this summer. It would have been great with you there. See you on the other side. When I get to heaven. Goodbye!

I'd say, "I am gonna miss you. I'll see you on the other side."


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