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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Countdowns + Where I Am Now
Jeffrey iCute
So, here's how things stand right now for me and school:

English 12 - 4 assignments

Math 11 - 7 assignments

Chem 11 - 2 assignments; 3 tests


Here are the outstanding countdowns for me:

May 29 (19 days) - Grad

June 6 (27 days) - ACR (end of the year ceremony for cadets; my last one :( )

June 12 (33 days) - final deadline for homework

July 5 (56 days) - leave for HMCS Quadra (my last summer there as a cadet)


So far, things are really looking up for me. I got my staff paperwork emailed back to the Quadra staffing officer (who has since confirmed to tell me that I'm good to go :D), and the list of assignments is shrinking daily.

I'm actually looking forward to Grad now (I hadn't been, up to about a month ago). :) So happy...

And the fact that I've apparently been slated for the very exact job that I want at Quadra makes me very happy indeed. I can only hope that I get it. *crosses fingers and prays*

But yeah, please pray for me during these last few weeks of school - just need to make it past this final hurdle. :D


Today is/was Trust Your Intuition Day, Clean Up Your Room Day (sounds like that one was made for me - is someone trying to tell me something? :P), and Root Canal Appreciation Day. Hope you are/did have fun! :P
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