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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Yet another story (I'm on a roll :P)
Title: Living Nightmare
Author: Moi, Smitty 'Jaws' McPatchington - aka Josée Smith, aka alec_towser
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 662
Beta: Yvan Smith; Jean-Marc Smith
Disclaimer: I own it all. MWAHAHAHA........ :P
AN: Based off of a recurring nightmare I've had for years. Certain RL circumstances prompted me to actually put it into some form of writing. This is also my third piece of OF.

Comments are appreciated; flames are not.


I was running.

How long had I been running for? Who was I running from? Where was I running to?

Unfortunately, I couldn't answer any of these questions anymore. I used to know; back when everything was a lot simpler and more clear-cut. My enemies had been clear to see at first, but it hadn't taken long for the lines to blur. Soon, I had no idea who I could turn to; who I could trust.

Sure, there were a few trusted friends left, but that number seemed so small and insignificant next to the growing number of enemies I was gaining. And it didn't help that no matter where I ran to, they always seemed to find me.

To my house? They found my address. To a public place to hide in the crowds? The throngs separated like the Red Sea, leaving me exposed and vulnerable. I tried to hide in dark corners and alleys - they lit up like daylight when I drew near. The wilderness? Dense forests were lit up by floodlights, or devoid of hiding areas, like flatlands.

All I could do was run. They were always close behind - I could only run marginally faster than they. Every so often, one of them would attempt to make a grab at me, and I'd only just be able to avoid them. I knew it wouldn't last long, though - no human is tireless. Exhaustion would creep up on me sooner or later.

Eventually, the inevitable happened - I ran into a dead-ended road. I tried to hide, but they all knew I was in there. I could see them all grouping around the only exit, forming a human barrier I knew I could never hope to get past. Then they began to march forward, slowly advancing en masse towards me and my pitiful hiding place.

It seemed to take all of forever for them to reach me - but reach me, they did. They quickly surrounded me in a thick-walled human ring. For a very brief minute, there was silence - no talking, no movement, no nothing. But it didn't last. Soon, I felt hands grabbing and clawing at me, shoving me around inside the circle like I was no more than a life-sized rag doll.

The hands were everywhere - tearing at my clothing, scratching at my skin, pushing, shoving, kicking - biting, even, at one point. I prayed mentally for it all to be over quickly; the pain was rapidly proving to be too much to bear.

Eventually, I began to feel a sense of detachment, like I was watching from above. It didn't feel like I was the one in the ring, or even that I knew the person in it, anymore - I was just an unwilling spectator to mankind's brutality against someone else. In less time than I thought it would take, the crowd dispersed and disappeared. I saw a body [my body, I had to remind myself] lying on the ground, broken and bloodied, left to die. My breathing began to quicken unconsciously. Was I already dead?

I didn't know what to do. I 'sat' there for a minute and watched the battered body. Suddenly, the body started gasping for air, and my own breath quickened again - I was suffocating, I realized. A punctured lung, perhaps. I soon began to feel like there was a very heavy weight on my chest, and it got harder to breathe. Randomly, I wondered who had happened to misplace their anvil.

My vision got hazy, and just as everything went black, I jolted back to full wakefulness and clarity again and gasped, covered in a cold sweat. It had only been a dream. Then I took notice of where I was and what I was doing.

I was running.
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I wonder what it's supposed to mean. It's kinda creepy.

I've wondered the same thing - especially as I've had this same nightmare for years. Different settings, slightly different people, but always the same premise. :/

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