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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Update on Life
Dilbert - enter my world
Wow... I really suck at updating this thing. (Although, in my defense, my parents had blocked the site completely for a few weeks. :/)

So here's an update on life as it stands since my last meaningful post (aka since mid-February).

1. The National Flag of Canada Day Ceremony

That was kind of fun... got to take a look at the Canada Pavilion while it was still closed to the public, which was cool. :D Got to hold an actual Olympic torch (unused), and had my picture taken with it (see below).

As for the actual ceremony, I didn't do all too much. Just kind of stood there. Oh well - it was cool, anyway. :D (Picture below is of a guy who helped come up with the current design for the Canadian flag. In the background, the Right Hon. James Moore, and a Musqueam Chief. Neither of the cadets are me.)

2. Went down to Van again during the Paralympics

This one's pretty self-explanatory. The whole family (minus Jean-Marc and Stephane; my two oldest brothers) went downtown during the Paralympics. There was still some cool stuff to see; however, there wasn't as much going on as there was during the Olympics. I got my picture taken in front of the Flame, though (see below). :D

3. Worked as a TA with Japanese ESL students from March 22 - March 26

This is also somewhat self-explanatory, sort of. There was a group of 35 Japanese exchange students from Hiroshima that came to visit Canada for 10 days, and during the week of the 22nd-26th, they had classes where they learned things like Canadian currency, provinces, and English slang. ('Awesome' seemed to be the all-around favourite. :P) There were 7 TAs (including me) total, divided up into two rooms with the students. We each worked with a group of 5 kids. I had a whole lot of fun working with them and getting to know them all. It was so sad when they had to leave... they were all crying. :(

(My table of kids. From left to right: Kotomi, Natalie [the teacher for our room], Maki, Tomomi, me, Yuka, and Tsuyoshi.)

4. My cadet corps got suspended

Man, so many self-explanatory points. The short story is, there were some issues going on with our officers and the Navy League (like Junior sea cadets; comment if you want/need an explanation) branch people, and finally it got so bad that the people in Victoria and DND decided to shut RCSCC Mariner down until September (when we'll start up again with new officers, and new NL branch members'll be voted in). We can still go to camp...we just have to parade with other corps'. I've been going to RCSCC Fraser (up in New Westminster) on Thursdays, now. And while it is fun to see people other than just the same people from my corps, I really wish this had happened under better circumstances. :(

5. Band Competition 2010

After the suspension, we were told that Mariner was still allowed to go and compete in the Lower Mainland Band Competition, which was a nice thing. We'd been working on the routine for 3 months already for it. We ended up losing a fair number of the band cadets in our suspension shuffle (either going to different corps', or just haven't shown up), so we had to pull 6 Fraser cadets into the band to fill those spots about two weeks before competition. To their credit, they did a fantastic job. I don't think many other people could've done much better, learning all the drill/routine and the music so quickly.

In short, I was apprehensive for competition at first. I didn't want to seem like a pessimist, but I didn't think we'd realistically do very well, considering the Fraser people hadn't been there for very long. I'm happy to say that I was wrong. Out of 8 bands in our category... we got third. THIRD place! Words can't begin to express how impressed I am with our 'Mari-ser' band. It was a nice last cadet band comp for me (I'll be too old next year).

Speaking of getting too old... at the end of the competition, when they hand out all the awards to the bands and Drum Majors, thank everyone for coming and so on, there's a tradition. All the cadets who aren't going to be coming back next year come up to the front, and a pipe band plays 'Amazing Grace'. This year, I had to go up to the front. Hearing the music play, I just thought of all the good memories I've had in the band over the past 2 and a bit years, and I almost wanted to cry. It's depressing becoming an old cadet, I tell ya. :'(

6. Finally got my butt kicked in gear for school

Unfortunately, it slid this far... my English teacher sent me (and my mom) an email saying I'd only completed about 20% of my coursework. My parents were mad/disappointed, to say the least. My cell and iPod got taken away for two weeks and three weeks (respectively), while I had to book it and get a whole lot of work done. Now, however, my list of assignments yet to do for my 3 subjects is shrinking almost daily (my mom wrote a list with the number of assignments yet to finish for each subject on a whiteboard), and I'm actually looking forward to grad and not dreading it like I've been almost all year. :S One month left - I can do this. :D


Well, if you've read this far without your eyes bursting into flames or your brain exploding, congratulations. That's what's been going on in my life recently. :D

Today is National Shrimp Scampi Day! (Ew. I hate shrimp.) All you seafood lovers, enjoy! :P

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I am glad you are making progress on your English. Getting behind is very frustrating. I am working on finishing up school work too... :-P Glad you are getting excited for grad...I am really looking forward to it :-)


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