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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Happy Birthday To Me!! :D
I Am Clever
"Once a year we celebrate
with stupid hats and plastic plates
the fact that you were able to make
another **** around the sun.

And the whole clan gathers 'round
and gifts and laughter do abound,
and we let out a joyful sound
and sing that stupid song:

Happy birthday - what have you done that matters?
Happy birthday - you're starting to get fatter.
Happy birthday - you did not accomplish much,
But you didn't die this year; I guess that's good enough." - Arrogant Worms; The Happy Happy Birthday Song

So as you may have guessed, yesterday was my birthday (as well as being the bday of my LJ - three years old, now)! I am now legally an *****. Wow. That makes me feel old just thinking about it. So, yeah, under the laws in BC, I am now allowed to vote, nothing else (no legal drinking/otherwise until NEXT year - if I so choose). Party on. :S :P

Anyway, I had a fairly good day. I got:

- Three Erma Bombeck books (bringing my total of her books up to five, and making me really feel old/awkward for reading [and highly enjoying] them)
- Two CDs (With the Beatles and the Godspell soundtrack)
- $50 (courtesy of my dad, who quoted the famous line last Christmas, "I don't know what to get you kids anymore... here, have some cash and go buy your own." XD)
- A set of five different shower gels :D
- A bag of my favourite chips (Miss Vickie's ***** Chili and Sour Cream) and a Wunderbar (I swear, they're trying to fatten me up. :P)
- A pen with a pig on the end who lights up/makes noise XD
- A choker (this is a tradition with one of my friends; she made me one for my 15th birthday, and I liked it so much that she has given me one for my birthday each year ever since. :D [technically, I won't get it til tomorrow night, but...])

Needless to say, I'm quite happy with my little "haul". (I had been wanting to buy the Godspell soundtrack CD for myself, so to get it as a present was a very pleasant surprise. I'm in a bit of a Godspell 'phase' right now - I've been playing the CD pretty much non-stop since yesterday. I'll probably drive all my family crazy at some point. :P)

Anyway, that's all for now. See you later! :D