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Fanfic - short one-shot
I Am Clever
Title: Untitled
Author: Moi, Smitty - aka alec_towser
Rating: PG
Beta: None
Disclaimer: I own the Who the same way I own a million dollars -- which is to say not at all, but I'd like to.
AN: I wrote this back in 2007, when I was off for the summer with cadets (wrote it on a schooner, actually). This was based off of and inspired by the Demon Winds series... but really, it's up to your imagination. Depending on my mood, I can imagine this story in whatever 'verse I want to. ;) And no, I don't plan on continuing it - it was meant to be a one-shot.

X-posted to guitar_and_pen.


The figures held Roger's head down under the water for a full minute, then let him up again, gasping for air. "Are you ready to beg for mercy?" one of them leered.

Roger only shook his head, as he was still trying to breathe. "No, then?" the other one answered. "Well, I guess we get to have some more fun with you, then." They dunked the singer's head into the liquid again.

After a while of this (Roger had long since lost track of time), the shadowy figures finally tired of torturing Roger and threw him back into the small cell he had been chained in. They attached the heavy metal links onto his wrists and ankles again, then left, laughing as Roger weakly tried to breathe properly and failed, coughing pathetically.

He had never felt so awful in his life. Roger knew that if fluid settled in his lungs for too long, he could contract pneumonia and get seriously sick. He tried again to cough up some of the large amount of water he had inhaled, but to no avail. He just couldn't get up a decent breath to get it out.

As Roger tried to curl in on himself in desperation, lying on the cold, hard cement floor, with the chains underneath him at every turn, one series of thoughts ran through his mind. I can't get sick. The other three are gonna come. I know they will. I have to hold on.

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