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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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I Am Clever
I've mentioned before in a previous entry: http://alec-towser.livejournal.com/17255.html

Put simply, I still have unfinished fanfics. Three or four I lost, due to my own stupidity in deleting system files from the computer I'd written them on (and therefore, making the computer crash and no longer work); however, I still have several in the works. Some of these are old (2-3 years), while some are not so old (a few months)

I want your opinions. I'll post a small segment from each - you tell me whether they're good enough to justify finishing them.

So without further ado (or a-DON'T :P)...


1. Lazin' On a Sunny Afternoon (Working Title)
Fandom: Rolling Stones
Summary: Keith and Brian are (respectively) deafened and blinded.

"Come now, Ted - I'm sure they didn't mean it," the first girl started.

"No, they meant it, and they'll pay for it," the one called Ted growled. "They shouldn't have done it."

Faster than either Keith or Brian knew, they were surrounded outside in a back alley, and being mercilessly beaten up with no chance of escape.

The last thing either of them saw before darkness claimed them was Ted spitting and saying, "That'll teach you..."


2. Call Me Indestructible
Fandom: The Rolling Stones
Summary: A dramatization of a true event.

It was late November 1965. The Rolling Stones were playing the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento. The place was rocking, teenagers were screaming (as usual), and the Stones were fully enjoying themselves.

As they were coming toward the end of "Satisfaction", their last song, Keith took a step forward. The last thing he remembered was seeing a bright light...


3. Darkest Hours
Fandom: Hogan's Heroes
Summary: Newkirk is taken by the Gestapo to test a new method of chemical warfare.

The short man looked Newkirk over appraisingly. "Oh yes, this one will do perfectly - he looks a lot more resilient than any of my last ones. He will come with us to join the others."

Meanwhile, the others had been listening at the coffeepot, and were wondering what was going on. "Where do you think they're going to take him, Colonel?" Carter asked, worried.

"I don't know, Carter, but wherever it is, it doesn't sound good," Hogan responded dourly.


4. You Won't See Me
Fandom: The Who
Summary: An untreated illness makes itself known, and the consequences are more than any of the Who could have imagined.

July 19, 1969

It came to a head the next night. After they had left the stage, and Roger was once again heading toward his room, Pete stopped the shorter man and demanded to know what was going on. "It's nothing, I tell you!" Roger glared, but Pete could see the pain in his eyes, which weren't quite focused properly. "Why d'you worry so much, anyway? You aren't my mother!" Suddenly, Roger swayed and fell forward. Pete was startled, but recovered quickly and caught him. "Roger? ROGER!"


5. Eyesight to the Blind
Fandom: The Who
Summary: John is shot during a concert.

John would never forget the day of July 20, 1969. Not because man had finally walked on the moon-or any other celebratory event for that matter-but because that was the day his world shattered.


6. Dreamer
Fandom: The Who
Summary: Roger starts getting a series of strange dreams - what do they mean?

Roger tossed and turned, a cold sweat forming, caught in the throes of a nightmare. Then with a sharp cry, he awoke suddenly, his chest heaving in the dark. Roger couldn't remember the nightmare, but he knew that he was now afraid. Very afraid. And the fact that he didn't know the cause of this fear scared him more than anything.


7. Deep Freeze
Fandom: The Who
Summary: The Who are sent to a different time... how will they deal with it?

John was the first to make an attempt at communication with the others, teeth chattering and his body shivering uncontrollably in the large puddle of cold liquid he was lying in. "P-pete? K-keith? Rog? Are any of y-you guys awake?"

The only response he received for his effort was a low moan. "J-john?"

"Keith, y-you w-with us, then?"

"Yeah, J-johnny, but I'm just so cold... and... something's wrong with Pete."

"W-what is it?" John asked slowly, not sure if he wanted to hear.

"He-he's not breathing, John."


8. Deaf, Dumb, and Blind? (Working Title)
Fandom: The Who
Summary: Roger is forced to witness a murder, and the consequences are greater than he imagines.

"You - you murderers! How could you enjoy something like that?" Roger was shaking with rage, now.

The leader shrugged. "It is what we do. The Goddess must be appeased," he said non-commitally.

"What should we do about him, O Leader?" another voice growled. "He will tell others about us, and then our clan will be revealed to the world. This must not happen."

"You are quite right," the leader mused, looking sharply over at Roger. He paused for a second, then got an evil glint in his eyes. "I know just the thing," he said in a low voice. He forced Roger to look directly into his eyes, and said in a slow, hypnotic tone, "You didn't see anything, hear anything, and you won't say anything to anybody, do you understand?"

Roger nodded, too scared to respond any other way.


9. Untitled
Fandom: U2
Summary: U2 encounter some vampires... (Achtung era?)

After he'd made his way off the grounds of the sprawling estate, Larry could barely stand upright from all the blood he'd lost. He felt so light-headed and sick, it was a wonder he'd lasted that long.

As the drummer finally collapsed, he could barely make out the shapes of two people running toward him. "Help..." he tried to say, but it came out as an inaudible whisper.

The last thing Larry knew before he gave into the darkness that had been closing in on him was the sensation of being lifted, and the words "What on earth did they do to him? I dunno if he'll be able to make it..."

Everything faded to black.


10. Cold As Ice
Fandom: U2
Summary: When U2s van breaks down in the middle of nowhere and it's freezing, what will happen? (Baby U2)

Bono was trailing slightly behind the others, so nobody saw him swaying on his feet and struggling to keep his balance. Then, without warning, he tripped over something buried under the snow, and he toppled face-first to the ground.

Bono tried calling to the others, but it was to no avail. They hadn't heard or seen him fall, so they had kept on walking, and the wind and cold turned his shouts into whispers. He had never felt so alone in his life... and he was suddenly aware that he felt sleepy... very sleepy.


11. Untitled Random Crack-Fic
Fandom: U2 (Vertigo era)

It was a (semi) normal day in the U2 household.

"Why do we all have to live in one house, anyway?" Edge complained. "Why can't we be like normal people?"

"It gives an image of group unity, silly," Bono smacked the guitarist over the head with his toast.

"You;re just upset that I got the master bedroom (being the lead singer/front man and all), and you have to share a room in the basement. And another thing... I feel that as a band, we need to be more open with each other. Don't you agree?"

Edge and Larry shared a look, then Larry spoke up. "Couldn't agree more. Your shirt and pants clash horribly."


12. The U2 Samaritan
Fandom: Cross between U2 and the Bible (1986 U2)
Summary: Larry is injured and left for dead by the side of the road. What will happen?

Larry loved the feeling of total freedom he got when he rode his motorcycle. He loved the feeling of the wind on his body, of not being confined in a car.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he almost didn't notice the group of five men blocking the road ahead. Larry's brain screamed "TROUBLE!" but Larry merely slowed down as he approached, and asked coolly, "Is there something I can do for you?"

"Yeah," said the biggest one. "You can pay the toll, Shrimpy."

"I'm sorry," Larry responded. "I wasn't aware you had to pay for the use of this road."

"Well, you better believe it, Mr. Rock Star, and you'd better pay. Or else."


13. How It All Started (possibly a series using the fanfic100 table)
Fandom: U2 (War-era onward)
Summary: How U2 became superheroes (based off of another fanfic idea from another writer)

Adam frowned. Finally, it was Larry who broke the silence. "That's an absolute load of bollocks! We're freezing out here, and they just now decide to tell us that they don't think we should film out here? And for an unconfirmed superstition, no less!"

Bono shrugged. "Apparently. Look, there's nothing we can do about it, except head in and hope that things work out better tomorrow. Come on, let's-" his words were cut off as a sudden glow flared in a patch of trees about twenty feet away.

"What was that?" Edge gaped, not sure whether he'd imagined it or not.

"No idea," Larry looked as surprised as the guitarist. "I say we ought to leave it alone."


14. Light in the Darkness
Fandom: The Beatles
Summary: George is kidnapped and drugged. What next?

Then the door of the van was thrown open roughly, and George involuntarily held his breath and flattened himself against the wall, trying to make himself invisible. For one moment, the world was completely still, as if it had been frozen, George would later say. Then, out of the blackness, a hand yanked him out of the van and pulled him into an alleyway.

George had time for one startled yelp before a damp, strong-smelling cloth was placed over his nose and mouth. He immediately started feeling dizzy and lightheaded, and his legs collapsed from under him as he surrendered to the pull of the dru g from the cloth.

The last thing George saw was a nast y grin leering at him in the near-complete darkness.


And there you have it. Please tell me what you think - whether they royally suc k, or have potential. I may not finish them all, as some of them have similar story lines (I really seem to like blinding people... :S haha).

But yeah, your opinion matters. Thanks! :D
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All the Who ones, the Beatles one, and the Rolling Stones one about Keith and Brian -- YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!!

The Hogan's Heroes one, yes!

The others, I personally could take or leave.

But those -- PLEASE!!!! I'll Beta for you!!!

Thanks - I'm glad to see you think so highly of my stories. :)

On a side note... would you possibly be interested in helping me co-write some of them?
I ask because most of them (the ones you specified) were started back in 2007 or 2008, and I'm actually not too sure where to go with some of them, but I felt that what I'd started was too good to just throw away.

So whaddaya say? :D

email me at jennytork at gmail

Omg finish the beatles kidnapping one!!! The last one!!!

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