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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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NaBloPoMo - Day Twenty-Six
Dilbert - enter my world
Only FOUR more posts after this one, and I will have successfully completed NaBlo 2009!! :D

So, today's post brings you something I wanted to do a lot earlier. Today, we have a Jonas Brothers-related RANT!! Woo hoo!! XD

Let's get one thing straight, first off.


Think of it this way: This circle represents the Jonas Brothers - O.

This circle represents me - O.

Both circles can coexist peacefully, so long as the circles never touch.

No Venn diagrams.

Alright, so now that that's been cleared up, let's continue to the root of the problem.


So when I thought about writing up something Jo Bro-ish on here, I decided to do a little research. (Know your enemy, I always say.)

So I studied different aspects - looked them up individually and collectively on Wikipedia and imDb, read some album reviews, listened to a few songs (and in the process, discovered that I'd actually heard one or two of them before), looked at a couple episodes of J.O.N.A.S on YouTube, and lastly, researched a fanfiction site. And there is where I found the disturbing-ness.

Here is a list of 10 of the most recent story synopsis's.


1. Cacie Carson's best friend,Nick Jonas, has been her freind for as long as she can remember. She Never Thought of him as any more then that..... until Thanksgiving 2009. When she goes to visit Nick and his famil in Dallas, TX, that Thatksgiving, Joe, Nick's big bro, hints to Cacie that Nick likes her. But, could that realy mean anything? Joe could just be messing with her head.... couldn't he?

2. Noelle is a freshman at New York University in Manhattan, spending Christmas alone. Nick Jonas is an international superstar, escaping his hectic life for anonymity in New York City. Christmas is a mysterious time of year. Will it draw two strangers together? There's nothing like Christmas in New York.

3. Having grown tired and unhappy with the rockstar life, can one girl turn it all around for him?

4. A 17 year old girl, lives alone, practically homeless, somehow meets the Jonas Brothers and becomes close with them. She doesn’t want their money, she just wants to be friends, can she be best friends with the Jonas Brothers without them finding out about her real life? And what happens when two of your best friends plus two of the Jonas Brothers have a major crush on you? It’s a love square and she can only choose one. Sounds pretty good huh?

5.The Jonas Brothers are at the peak of their hype and loving every minute of it. The fans, the fame, the frenzy it's all starting to go to Joe's head when he realizes he has no one to share it with and so he goes on search of his 'dream girl' but what does he find instead? Lies...and love.

6. Laine and Halley are so excited when they find out they get to meet the Jonas Brothers. And even more excited when they're asked out on dates by nick and joe. But on the way home from there date, something happens and only one of then makes it home that night.

7. Riley Carter had her heart broken so many times, she didn't think she could love again. Until she met Joe Jonas. They fall in love, but love is never as it seems. Will they have the happy ending Riley always dreamed of, or will Joe make a mistake he cannot fix.

8. Most girls would be ecstatic to have the hottest boy in school pay attention to you. Sure, we've known each other since kindergarden, but that doesn't mean, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, are we friends. As far as I am concerned, Nick Jonas could and should drop off the face of the earth.

9. Casey wasn't anyone special. She didn't win anything. She never expected what happened. She was just lucky. A girl from New Zealand, who had her life turned upside down. She was in the right place, at the right time. Her luck catapulted her dreams, to her reality.

10. Joe and Ella have been best friends since their diaper days, go through their relationship with them as they pull eachother through some rough times, and share the good times with them.


Notice a pattern at all? Did reading that list make you want to gag/throw up as much as me? That's what I thought.

It continues like this for about.... oh, only EIGHT THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED FORTY-SIX stories... with that number increasing daily.
(Edit: as of April 30, 2010, there are now 14,757 stories.)
(Double edit: as of Dec 11, 2012, there's 20,465.)

Honestly, people - get a LIFE. Of the 8,746 stories I mentioned, the vast majority are romances all fairly similar in plot to the ones I mentioned above. Can't you write anything other than romances?

I scrolled through a few pages of this drivel, and by the time I got to Page Four, my eyes were glazing over.

I will admit I happened to come across a few good ones (aka well-written non-romance, non-comedies). However, stories such as this are very few and far between.

While we're at it, can't you people use PROPER PUNCTUATION, SPELLING, AND USE OF GRAMMAR? (Ie: use of contractions and capitalization) It's not that hard to take a couple of extra minutes to proofread it.

For those people who are like "Well Smity im updating from mi iphone/psp/other handheld electronic device n it doesnt have spel chekr LOL" - WHY are you updating from your handheld electronic device? That's what COMPUTERS with SPELL-CHECKERS ARE FOR. (Edit: Also, you learn spelling/punctuation/grammar/etc. in school. You should NOT have to rely on spell-check to fix everything. That's just sheer laziness.)

Where ARE you when you update from these handheld electronic devices? At school? On the bus? Are you simply posting these chapters immediately after you write them? Here's a little hint from someone who used to write blatant Mary-Sue romances (never posted for the sake of the public) - BAD IDEA.

AND, it won't kill you to have somebody beta-read some of your chapters/stories (preferably non-Jonas fans who can actually give you an objective opinion, rather than your best-friend-who-is-also-a-Jonas-freaklover who will just tell you "ZOMGOSH I LOOVE ITT CUZ KEVIN/JOE/NICK'S AWESOMMEE!!! PUT IT UP NOW!!!").

I believe I've made my point. It's not the Jonas Brothers I have a big issue with - it's their fans. If I remember more, I'll address it in another post.


Today is Shopping Reminder Day! Consider yourselves reminded!

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You have put this PERFECTLY! I feel the exact same way; I don't hate the Jonas brothers, but would rather not hear about them. Your post is a great example of the craziness that I shake my head at and walk away. Thank you!

Thanks!! It's something that's been bothering me for some time, and I figured I ought to put my two cents in. :D

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