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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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NaBLoPoMo - Day Twenty
I Am Clever
So today marks the two-thirds completion mark for me, and today's post is going to be a bit shorter than usual. Also, no humour today. (Sorry!)


Here's an update on what's up with Smitty:

1. Attempting to get back into writing stories (read: COMPLETING stories).

2. Went laser tagging today. Failed epically. (Hey, someone has to come in last. XD)

3. Heading off to cadets for a cadet weekend. Yay. Party time...

4. Going to the Holocaust Education Centre on Monday. Should be fun. :D

5. Attempting to keep on track of school stuff.

And lastly, 6. Trying not to freak myself out about my Chief boards coming up in a week and a half. :S


Today was: Absurdity Day, Beautiful Day (HAHA! U2 reference, RIGHT THERE! XD), and Name Your PC Day. Have fun!