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2018: 5/365
Bung a Rock at It
Last day of Christmas holidays at my work, and I stayed late while Tim and one of my brothers helped my boss’s husband + her dad to move a piano (two pianos, actually). Then Tim had to help with some other work around the studio, and it was discovered that we had a water leak (most likely from out A/C unit) running down the main connection to the breaker box.

For those of you not super versed in electrical engineering (like me): it could short out the panel, leaving us with no power [best case], or it could start an electrical fire [worst case].

[Ed. note: yes, I know there is no real best case here. Just go with it.]

So, yeah. That’s kind of freaky. We called the landlords right away, and they’re sending someone out tomorrow to look at it, thankfully, so hopefully it gets solved soon. I don’t even want to think about how long that may have been a problem. :S

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