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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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NaBloPoMo 2017 - Day Six
Pete Does Not Approve
Yesterday I had to supervise cadets poppy tagging to fundraise for the Legion, and the entire day was a comedy of errors right from the get-go.

First off, I was told it started at 12PM, so I was ready for a pretty chill morning/no rush to get ready. Then at 8:35AM, right after I’d woken up just 10 minutes prior (and only due to the fact that DST finished and my body thought it was 9:30), I was told that tagging started at 9AM instead.

I immediately was all CRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAP and rushed to get myself ready, dressed, and out the door. In the car on the way there, I was ready to check in at the Legion at 9:30ish, apologize for my tardiness, and get to supervising.

PLOT TWIST: I arrived, and no one was there. The Legion rep said tagging was scheduled to start at 10AM, and offered me a seat while I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Around 45 minutes later, at 10:15AM with no one showing up, we determined in our corps officer phone group chat that cadets were still going to come for 12, so I could relax. (Meanwhile, I was dying inwardly from all the mental back and forth I’d been doing. Oyyyy.)

Fast forward. I grabbed some food, and waited for another 1.5 hours in my car for cadets. 11:45, I head back to the Legion to meet cadets. They’ve all arrived, and are basically ready to head out. Great!

They’re all in one area, because there’s only 4 of them, so this should be easy to supervise. I head to the store parking lot, settle in, and play games on my phone for an hour.

I decide to check on the cadets; make appearances; confirm they’re all still alive. (Spoilers: they are) I then decide to run some errands and pick up a couple of things in the store that we need for the house. I do so and go back to chill in the car.

Fast forward another 1.5 hours, and I decide to check on cadets again, but shocker - they’re not there! I’m inwardly freaking out, wondering where 5 uniformed cadets could have possibly disappeared to. It’s only 3PM; they should be around (we were scheduled til 5). I’m trying to text people to find out, but I get no answer. I try to drive back to the Legion, only to find that the Legion has removed their “Poppy Tagging in this door —>” signs they had up, and the parking lot is full, which makes it appear that they’re having a meeting. So at this point, I can’t contact anyone, can’t find anyone; I head home.

I get changed back into civvies; prep to go pick up Tim from work. On my way to go get him (4:45), I get a call from one of our parents/adult staff saying he’d tried to call/text me 3 times, but he’d entered my number wrong in his phone. Anyway, the cadets HAD gone back to the Legion, as it turns out. They had taken a short break, and three decided to stay til 5PM (the other two went home). He asked if I was at the Legion now? I said, no, I’d left because I couldn’t find anyone, and couldn’t seem to get ahold of anyone, so I was off to pick up Tim. He said that the remaining cadets’ parents/grandparents that had driven them had stuck around to keep an eye on them, so that was good at least. I felt really bad about cutting out early like that, but I honestly didn’t know what else I was supposed to do at the time.

Either way, yesterday was an escapade and a half; one that I hope I never have to repeat.

Also, I can’t believe I actually typed all of this out. Wow. See you all tomorrow!

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