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NaBloPoMo - Day Four
I Am Clever
AKA 'The Quadra 2010 slates and how they killed my dreams'.

I think the title says it all, don't you think?

I heard people discussing the HMCS Quadra job slates (aka what jobs there'll be at Quadra next summer), but I wasn't too sure what they were talking about. Then, I happened to come across a link to said slates.

Link for your viewing pleasure: http://www.cadets.ca/uploadedFiles/Cadet_Websites/Pacific_Region/RCSU/Resources/MROs/2009/RO%20Nov%2009%20-%20Annex%20A.pdf

So I looked it over, and to be honest, the first time I looked, I didn't see too much out of the ordinary. (I was skimming, okay?)

Then, I heard some more information on how the slates were really different from last years, and I took another look.

Sure enough, a whole lot of the jobs are gone - including one I wanted. [read: Chief of Boatswain} :(
In fact, most of the Chief positions are gone. Last year, I believe Quadra had about 12 Chiefs (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), and this year, there'll only be around 6 or 7.

This irritates me - I wanted to be Chief of Boatswain like you wouldn't believe. And now my dreams have been killed. *sobs melodramatically* XD Now I have to re-decide what I want to apply for next summer. (Grr...)

Darn it all... :'(


PS: Today is/was National Book Lover's Day and Zero Tasking Day! Hope you all enjoyed it! :P


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