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Summer 2017 - Day 16/55
I Am Clever
Today was odd - they're doing renovations at my work, and my entire desk area has been moved because of it. We're adding another lesson room, as we're basically almost out of space otherwise (most teachers are pretty booked up), so this is a good problem to have. Still messed with my head, though, as I was moved to a totally different spot because of it; the complete opposite side of the waiting room area.

(I thought I still had photos on my phone, but apparently I do not. Oh well; you'll have to imagine it for yourselves. XD)

It was also pretty quiet because there was a big cycling race happening right outside my work, and we had a few cancellations because of it. I also had to ride transit today because of this, due to a lot of roads being closed off.

On the positive side, though, I dropped the car off with my parents/they gave me a ride to and from the SkyTrain, and they got my brother to clean/vacuum out the inside of the car, as I've needed that done for a while. I need to pay him for that sometime soon.

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