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NaBloPoMo 2016 - Day Five
I Am Clever
ALRIGHT! We're golden, now.

It pains me to admit that I spent half of the day sleeping; I woke up like normal this morning, semi-ready to do training for cadets (as ready as one can be at 0630), and I got an iffy case of nausea/stomach pain. Tim thinks it was probably fatigue-induced, and our CO ordered me home to rest for a bit. Tim drove me home around 7ish, at which point I lay around in bed and passed out at some point, sleeping for the next few hours. This probably means he was totally right, as I'd had an energy drink beforehand to get me up for cadets.

Well, I'm better now, and supervised some range activities for the cadets, and now I'm chilling in our de facto lounge/office. I'm not sure what I'll do for the rest of the night, but I know I'll enjoy the extra hour of sleep tonight.

Happy Daylight Savings Time ending!

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