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January Talking Meme; Day 16
Adam Smile
ghost2 asked: A book you like (or more than one)?

Hmmm - this one's a bit of a hard one, as I like many, many books.

If I had to pick a top 15, though (in no particular order):

1. Lord of the Flies
2. The Redwall series
3. The Chronicles of Narnia
4. Any of Erma Bombeck's books
5. The Book of Awesome trilogy
6. The Hunger Games trilogy
7. This Is A Book
8. Black Beauty
9. Danny, the Champion of the World
10. The Final Sanction (Doctor Who novel)
11. The Indestructible Man (Doctor Who novel)
12. 1984
13. A Series of Unfortunate Events
14. The Pirates! in an Adventure with Communists
15. The Call of the Wild

Feel free to leave a comment if you'd like further clarification on any of these, or if you'd like to ask a question! 15 more days to go! :)

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Some of those are also among my favorites. I haven't read Erma Bombeck in a long time, should look up her work again. I haven't read either of the Doctor Who books. Unfortunately, my local library doesn't have any DW to speak of, but I can try interlibrary loan maybe.

I think I found all my Erma Bombecks at garage sales. They're the funniest thing. :D

As for the DW novels, I got mine on Amazon. Libraries near me are pretty sparse when it comes to DW stuff, especially when it comes to Classic Doctors.

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