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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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January Talking Meme; Day 3
WL - Lingerie
Day Three today of this Talking Meme I roped myself into, and today scripsi asked: "What's your perfect day off?"

Good question! I don't get a lot of time off due to my work schedule (or have a vehicle on my actual day off), but if I were to have my own Ferris Bueller-esque day, it would probably look something like this:

0800 - Default alarm goes off. Smitty hits the snooze button repeatedly for the next two hours due to not being awake enough/being too lazy to actually shut it off.

0930 - Smitty lies in bed, giving up on sleep (alarm is still going off periodically, though; see above-mentioned laziness) and goofs off on phone, while telling herself that because it's a day off she should really be productive and get up and accomplish something.

1130 - Smitty decides to stop lying about being productive.

1200 - Smitty has shower/eats/does necessary things.

1300 - Depending on the day (moods vary), Smitty either goes out to go mall-walking (more for the environment than actual shopping, but shopping will be done if needed) or play excessive amounts of video games for the remainder of the afternoon. Console used for the games may vary, as will the amount of potential swearing involved.

In Smitty's dream world, she also may go out to one of the massage studios in one of the nearby cities, funds allowing.

1800 - Smitty picks up Tim from work and they have a nice dinner at home (no cheap processed junk food). They may watch TV afterward.

2300 - Smitty goes to bed, and goofs around some more on her phone. Tim may do the same, or hang out in the other room watching TV a bit longer.

0001 - Smitty finally puts the phone away to attempt sleep, all the while thinking that she should probably go to bed earlier.

There you have it! It may not seem super impressive, but this is a combination of what I actually do on my day off, combined with more ideal conditions (having a car/flexibility to leave the house, having money to afford going to a massage studio, and having the evening off as well).

Thanks for the question, Scripsi, and feel free to submit more! Likewise, everyone else, there's still 28 more days to cover - ask away!
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