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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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NaBloPoMo 2015 - Day Five
I Am Clever
"Remember, remember...blah blah November... A bit about treason... something something forgot." - Abraham Lincoln, probably

Happy Explosion Day! About the only item of note is that I've pulled the SCARFDIS Mark II out of storage, because of reasons:

1. It's cold out.
2. It's now November.
3. It's cool, so why not?

Seriously, though. Four years after I made it and it's still worth every penny I spent and every minute it took to make it. :D I love that scarf.

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Using a scarf that you love shouldn't need excuses. :) And I'm very impressed that you made one. How long did it take? It's got to be at least five times as long as a regular one.

Thank you! I decided to make my own because I really wanted one and my only other option was to shell out way too much money to buy someone else's on EBay (I don't think BBC had started selling replicas again here yet). I found the aptly-titled www.doctorwhoscarf.com, and picked a pattern on there. They have every variant from Tom Baker's tenure on there, from the original from Robot to the burgandy affair he wears in Logopolis. I chose the Robot variant as I wanted the Original (plus it's the shortest of all the scarves, and at 5'5", I definitely needed a shorter scarf :P)

In total, it took me about a month and a half to make, but that's because I originally started with yarn that was the wrong weight and thus, way too thick. I eventually ditched that one and have it to a friend to try and finish, and got new yarn and started a new one (hence the Mark II title). The second one took me significantly less time, as I'd been used to working with the thicker yarn which was hard to work with, and once I started using the new stuff, it was very much a "wow - this is a breeze!" I was also no longer in school by the time I re-started (Christmas break), so in total the Mark II took me 9 days of near-nonstop knitting while watching Troughton-era DW.

In total, it ended up being about 12' long when I finished it, though it's probably stretched a bit longer at this point, as it's been four years since I made it.

It makes my day whenever I wear it out, because I invariably either get complimented on it (both fan, and clueless: "YEAH DW!!" and "that's a nice scarf. Did you pick the colours/pattern yourself?") or just stared at. I definitely got a fantastic WTF look regarding it from a lady in a car while I was waiting to cross at a traffic light yesterday. Every reaction amuses me.

I never thought about how it must look to a non-fan! But yes, there must be some good reactions. Twelve feet of knitting! It must weigh a ton!

Absolutely - I get a lot of Harry Potter comments as well, as it apparently makes people think of that.

It is heavier than my regular scarves, but not overly so. The word I'd use is 'hefty'. :)

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