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I Am Clever
I know I've left things by the wayside (again). I feel really bad about ditching my writing projects, but in my defence, I have excuses reasons!

1. I got suckered into the Jersey Boys fandom through watching the movie at Tim's parents.

1a. Because I'm shallow and the guys in the JB movie are good-looking, I also got suckered into two more fandoms: Madam Secretary and Boardwalk Empire. I'm currently waiting for S2 of MS to start airing and 3/5 seasons into BWE.

2. My hours picked up and how: I'm now working 5 days/38 hours a week and due to Tim's/my work schedules overlapping oddly (he works mornings, I work nights, and we only have one car) there's not a lot of time at home anymore. (Suffice to say that the cleanliness of our place has kind of suffered)

3. Time issues aside, my laptop has been giving me issues and sometimes just refuses to turn on anymore. This, as you can probably guess, poses quite an issue for me. I've backed my stuff up and how, but I currently don't have anything I can just boot up and go write on (yes, there's my phone that I'm currently using, but it's recently proven to me that it can't be trusted to keep writing projects because it made all but three of my notes that I wrote since getting this phone vanish for no reason at all and for some reason backed absolutely nothing up to iCloud). So yeah... I'm kind of just waiting for funds to get me a new thing to write my stuff on.

Anyway, enough about my scrambled up life. See you when I'm able to draft up something for my projects (probably a Listography, if I'm being honest). :)


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