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Monday, Week 10 - Wreck This Journal
WL - Cheeky Chip
More wrecking! This week, I got crafty...

The book asked me to cut up things and do crafts with them today. Huzzah for childhood arts and crafts!

I honestly don't remember the last time I made paper chains. Also, it was hard to cut this out of the book and still keep that next-to-spine strip intact (but somehow I sort of managed it anyway).

I even cut up the header to use for the chain, because why not? The more, the merrier!

What a lovely paper chain I've made!

And now it's a fashionable item of jewelry! By next year, everyone will be wearing these.

This one looked to be easy. Piece of cake. No challenge. I've got this; hands down. Famous last words.

Here goes nothing...

Ugh. I'd forgotten how uncomfortable it is to do something with your non-dominant hand. Also, relabeled the top, because the book unjustly assumes that I'm right-handed... which I am, but still.

Pseudo-narcissism Tuesday tomorrow!

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Naughty book, assuming that everybody is right handed! I think it is something like 90% of the population, but it's still rather bad.

Nice paper chain though. :)

Oh, it probably is, and who knows how many people out of that number used to be left-handed and were made to switch in school? Either way, though, I thought they ought to be giving lefties more of an acknowledgment. :P

Thank you! It was actually harder than I thought it would be, due to the loops being so small. I started by stapling them (hence why some look crumpled), then had to switch to Scotch tape strips cut in half, as even that was too wide. :O I'm quite proud of how well it turned out, though. :D

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