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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Wednesday, Week 9 - Music Listography, Take 22
Jeffrey Pout
Just got finished watching An Adventure in Space and Time again, as Tim hadn't seen it yet, and I've got to say, I forgot how much that movie got to me. Whether it was the "I don't want to go" segment, the bit where Matt Smith shows up, or either of the "I shall come back" speech instances (Especially the "I shall come back" speech instances)... I definitely teared up more than once.

*deep breath*

Moving on. A list for you all!

List Your Favourite Instrumental Pieces

1. Symphony #7 in A Major, Mvt II - Ludwig van Beethoven
2. On the Waterfront - Leonard Bernstein
3. Symphonic Metamorphosis - Paul Hindemith
4. Extreme Beethoven - Johan de Meij
5. Equus - Eric Whitacre
6. The Seal Lullaby - Eric Whitacre
7. Appalachian Spring - Aaron Copland
8. Klaymen’s Theme - Terry S Taylor (Neverhood soundtrack)
9. Heart of Oak - William Boyce/David Garrick
10. Nocturne in Bb Minor - Frédéric Chopin

I could have added more, but A) there's too many to put into one list [I did go to school for music, and have taken lessons for classical music since I was 5, meaning I've been deluged with it for ages], and B) I'm too busy having Doctor Who feels.

Goodnight, all, and see you tomorrow. :')