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Tuesday, Week 9 - The Smitty Story, Chapter 15
I Am Clever
Title: Smitty And The Quest For The Class 5 Cook
Author: Myself, Smitty 'Jaws' McPatchington, Esq.
Rating: G (might go up later)
Word Count: 8049 (unfinished)
Disclaimer: I don't own the organizations I name in this story (names have been changed), and a good deal of the characters are based off of real people.
Warning(s): MAJOR CRACK/RANDOMNESS. Read at your own risk. :P
AN: My fourth piece of OF. Previous chapters:

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Once the group had left the odd store, Smitty pulled out the new map she'd just bought. "Alright. This is a map of the surrounding area. It's not very big, but it should be enough to get us back into the regular Charted Territories. Now, where are we..." she trailed off, scanning the map intently to find any familiar landmarks. "Aha! There we go!" She pointed at the paper; specifically, at a large strip of rock face with a small symbol denoting a building nearby.

Yvanovich squinted over her shoulder. "Are you sure that's the right spot? Maybe there's other buildings are around that we didn't know about. We sure didn't know about this one, or the apparent network of potential living spaces in the caves."

In response, Smitty merely pointed at the legend at the bottom of the map: the building was designated as an outpost, and specific outposts were named in a separate list, one of which was "Breakfast's".

"...oh." Now the jester merely looked sheepish; the large bells and tassels on his hat making him look even more awkward as he re-examined the map. "So is there a way out of here?" he asked, looking all over.

"Well, there does appear to be a spot right around here..." Smitty said as she pointed to a segment of the rock face to their north. "And that," she declared, spreading out her other map to match up Charted and Uncharted Territory borders, "lines up with this over here!" She pointed to a path in the Charted Territories. "It's a clear path, too! What did I tell you - we'll be back into the Charted Territories in no time! Awesome!"

"That seems most opportune, my lady," Won Ton spoke up. "Perhaps...a little too opportune?"

"Pfft." Smitty dismissed the small man's concerns with a wave of her hand. "We'll be fine! Nothing really serious has happened yet in this story, anyway!"

But in a classic case of situational irony, no sooner had they set off than they were accosted by several large, dark figures, who proceeded to throw them all into separate burlap sacks and start to carry them away.

"HELP!" Smitty cried. "We're being kidnapped!"


Music and lists tomorrow - if you're lucky, I might just combine them!


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