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Saturday, Week 6 - OFic/ONarrative/Other
Dorky John Watson
Week 6 comes bearing an actual Narrative! Huzzah!

Today...feminism Lite©!

I'm bothered by the term "man-whore".

We as a society have come to stick the word "man" in front of anything we want to designate as something primarily meant for women and now appropriated by men (eg: man-purse, man-bun). So why does "whore" get that connotation? Not that it's a nice term in general (and I myself don't like to use it), but why is it that when we talk about a woman sleeping around, she's a "whore/slut", but if a guy happens get a reputation as one who tends to do the same, he's "a male version of something mainly women do"?

Even Urban Dictionary (not the world's greatest source, but usually pretty accurate in terms of today's slang) says this:

Urban Dictionary: whore

Urban Dictionary: Manwhore

For those who don't like clicking external links, UD's top definition of Whore is "a woman that sleeps with everyone; see SLUT", and Manwhore is simply "a male equivalent of a slut". There are other definitions, but they all say functionally the same thing - that women are sluts, and that this term was coined so we'd have something to describe men who do the same thing. Thank heavens - I was starting to think I'd have to use a WOMAN'S term to describe something men are clearly above!

But are they? When looking farther into it, I found some interesting information on lesser-known world of male prostitution (a better way to measure male promiscuity than reading the tabloids):

Humanity In Action says that while male prostitution (and prostitution in general) is not generally accepted in the Netherlands, the underground world of male prostitution is a fairly large web.

The Definition and Facts of Prostitution gives this statistic about population percentages in the US: "Estimates in some larger cities found that 20-30% of prostitutes are male."

This segment of A History of Male Sex Work in Canada gives more statistics (slightly dated, but still higher numbers than I would have thought), and concludes by saying "As estimates of the numbers of females and males involved are usually dependent upon arrest statistics, the gender differences may be exaggerated by police enforcement practices such as a reluctance to sting males who sell sex."

Even Wikipedia's article on the subject says "When compared to female prostitutes, male sex workers have been far less studied by researchers."

So, while those links have to do with a working situation vs. the social situation, prostitutes tend to have that negative connotation of being called a "whore"; even the dictionary (the serious Google one this time) says it's the definition of the word:

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 11.15.29 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 11.15.00 PM
Unrelated fun fact: Google word usage stats report that we're using the word "whore" today almost as much as the 1800s, apparently.

Anyway, given my links and the information contained therein, it's clear that while women make up the majority of prostitutes/"working whores" (as it were; you can't really find stats for the "non-working"), men aren't too far behind. A measured 30% at a minimum and who knows how much more we don't know about?

So why are we still using the term "man-whore" to differentiate that it's a man who sleeps around, not a woman? To use the expression: a whore is a whore is a whore; it shouldn't make a difference what gender the person is.

/endrant; /endlanguage

See you tomorrow for cadet-related stuff; I promise there'll be a lot less nasty terms then. :S

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I can only agree with you!

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