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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Tuesday, Week 6 - The Smitty Story, Chapter 12
Your Mom's Dichterliebe
Title: Smitty And The Quest For The Class 5 Cook
Author: Myself, Smitty 'Jaws' McPatchington, Esq.
Rating: G (might go up later)
Word Count: Unfinished
Disclaimer: I don't own the organizations I name in this story (names have been changed), and a good deal of the characters are based off of real people.
Warning(s): MAJOR CRACK/RANDOMNESS. Read at your own risk. :P
AN: My fourth piece of OF. Previous chapters:

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"The Uncharted Territories?" Yvanovich paled at the declaration. "You mean we're LOST????"

Smitty rolled her eyes. "We're not lost. All we have to do is figure out which direction to head to get ourselves back on the map, and head that way. We'll be back in the Charted Territories in no time."

"So which way do we need to go?" Yvanovich asked, taking the map and turning it upside down as though that would help him to read it more clearly.

Smitty took the map back from the jester, and began searching the immediate area to look at the position of the sun and the growth of plant life to determine their position. After about 5 minutes of searching, she turned and pointed in a direction. "We need to head that way."

Won Ton and Yvanovich turned...to see the mouth of the cave. "But have we not just come from that exact direction, my lady?" Won Ton pointed out.

"Yes," Smitty explained, "But we won't be going into the cave. What we'll do instead is head around the cave face until it lets us angle back towards the map so we're back in Charted area." She pointed at the map. "We should be around the caves rather quickly, if my half diagram of them is anything to go by."

Yvanovich and Won Ton exchanged glances. "That actually seems pretty reasonable," the jester admitted. "It might just work."

"I'm glad you agree." Smitty beamed at the unexpected show of support. "Let's get going, then!"

As the travellers started walking back towards the cave face, none of them noticed the pair of eyes watching them, hiding in the bushes...


Listography! :D