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Happiness (is Finally Finishing School for the Summer)
I Am Clever
The title says it all, pretty much... I'm done!! (Except for one more Socials assignment and exam and a Math final)

But there's not-so-good news to go with this - I have to redo Chem 11 next year. Right now I have a 45% mark (an F), but I can finish the one last test for it and hopefully that'll raise it to a 50-something (a C-). Either way, I'll have to redo the ocurse, but the C- will be better than the F on paper.

It sucks, especially because I know it's my own fault and I could have done so much better. I put stuff off and put it off and put it off... etc, etc, 'til it was too late. :S Next year, GREATNESS coming from my direction will abound in Chem 11. :P

Plus, next year, I get off easy - only 3 courses. English AP (counts for both English 12 and first-year college), Chem (naturally), and Accounting 11 (I wanted some PRACTICAL math; not the rocket-science Principles Math. :S).

So, that ought to be interesting.

One more thing - I have my Grade 9 RCM piano exam coming up on the 27th. Wish me luck/pray for me. I have a feeling I'm going to really need it.
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