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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Thursday, Week 5 - UNIT!100 - 039. Taste.
The Clock is Ticking
Week 5! Today I come bearing a story that's slightly longer than the ones I've posted the past couple of weeks. I only have 4 complete works left in storage now... I should really get on finishing the 7 I have started, and the other 7 I have ideas for, but haven't actually started.

Title: Haircut
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Mike Yates
Prompt: 039. Taste.
Word Count: 717
Rating: K
Summary: When he first notices the length of his hair, he gets it cut out of reflex. The second time, he leaves it for longer before eventually succumbing to the urge to trim it back to a respectable length. The third time, he starts wondering what the point is if he’s not military any longer. By the fourth time, he no longer cares and lets it grow.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own OCs, should I create any for these stories.
Author’s Note: Fun fact - The summary was my original concept for this story.


He’s still trying to regain some sense of normalcy in his life, but it just doesn’t seem to want to come. He’s still searching for aliens around every corner, still letting military precision rule his life - from the pristinely-made bed, to the creases he has to constantly remind himself not to iron into his civilian attire…still waiting for the moment he wakes up and discovers it was all just a very horrible dream.

So in comparison, it’s such a small thing that he doesn’t really notice at first - he’s far too busy wallowing in his own self-doubt and guilt. But one day, he happens to get a glimpse of himself in a mirror, and eyes his reflection with a look of barely-hidden distaste as he notices that his hair is longer than it has been in years. He wastes no time in making a trip to see a barber to get it cut.


It’s a few weeks later when he happens upon his reflection again, this time in a shop window. This time he doesn’t react as strongly to the slightly too-long hair as he had before, which is rather odd, he thinks. Shouldn’t it bother him?

It takes him several more days before he finally decides that yes, it does bother him, and he goes to get it trimmed back to a far more respectable length. He won’t admit to anyone that that action brings him a slight amount of comfort, though. Makes him feel like he’s not left out of the military loop and on his own.


The next time he notices the state of his hair, it’s not through any choice of his own, but by a comment from a random passerby. “Look at that,” the portly man in the tweed suit declares as he walks by. “It’s hippies like you that will be the demise of society. You should be ashamed of yourself, young man - you really ought to get yourself cleaned up, and find something more respectable to do to serve Queen and country. Like the military, for instance!”

He has to resist the urge to respond with a scathing comment on the irony of that statement as the man walks away.

After that, though, he’s left wondering - does he really look that bad? A glance in his mirror once he arrives home says that maybe his hair is getting to be a little on the shaggy side, but it’s not that bad. Wait - “not that bad”? When had thoughts like that started occurring? He should really start caring more about his personal appearance and-he cuts that thought off with another: Why does it matter? He’s no longer in the military, so why should he care?

His mind can’t come up with an answer for that one, but regardless, he still gets it cut a week later out of habit.


He’s been called a hippie on more than one occasion now, but he finds that the comments don’t bother him as much as they used to. Why should he be offended? He still acts like a perfectly respectable member of society, even if he does get a few dirty looks at the state of his appearance whenever he goes out. So what if people think he and his outfits look rather on the garish side now (he inwardly thanks Benton for pointing him to the shop where he’d found those red trousers of his) - at least he’s not dirty and disheveled.

He’s broken from his train of thought by someone addressing him: “Excuse me…Miss?”

He turns to see where the voice is coming from, and sees a small boy looking up at him. Upon seeing his face, the boy goes rather red, and stammers out an apology before running off towards a woman (presumably his mother), who glares in his direction before she stalks off with her children.

He looks down at the pond beside him to see his reflection, and sees that his hair is indeed rather long, but finds that he really doesn’t care anymore. Let people say what they will - he’s got no standard to live up to anymore but his own.

With that thought, he smiles and relaxes on the bench he’s sitting on, and it doesn’t even cross his mind to get it cut.

X-posted to FF.net, Teaspoon, AO3, and unit_family.

TiNaB tomorrow!

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Love this!! Thank you, it made me smile!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)

I like this. You are not really aware that you are acting under a norm until you do. :)

It's so true. I've had variations of this actually happen to me; I have to resist doing things the way I would at cadets/the military when I come home from an 8-week training season. It's hard to break some habits. :P

Indeed. I have a tendency to believe that people will react just as I sometimes because that is the most "normal" way. Well, yeah, normal for me... :)

Pretty much! I've seen people's reactions to things that are so completely different to my own, and my first thought is usually "why would you act like that? That's just weird..." without thinking about how odd my actions may seem to others.

I'm torn between feeling sorry for Mike, and feeling glad for him that he's moving on. Nice.

Thank you! I think my favourite line in this was this one: Let people say what they will - he’s got no standard to live up to anymore but his own. I think that's the one that really says he's moving on.

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