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Sunday, Week 5 - What Cadets/Military Has Taught Me
Mike Yates
Following right on the heels of a Superbowl party at Tim's party, and working on the IOTC Course Assignment From Places Unmentionable, I bring this; two more positives about the military and cadets!

9. The importance of a good night's sleep

This wouldn't seem like something you'd learn in cadets, but it totally was. When your working days on training weekends start at 0600 straight into PT (physical/recreational trg) in the morning, straight onwards into training (punctuated by breaks for eating and such, of course), and you were working/training until 1800/supper; then didn't get to bed until 2200-2230... you learned to appreciate every bit you got.

The training days at Quadra used to be even longer (when I was a cadet, anyway; they've since been shortened) - we were up at 0600 to eat and be on parade for 0745 to do Colours/uniform inspections/march past, and we trained from 0915 until 2000 in the evening. I never could understand those cadets who insisted on goofing around after Lights Out. Their loss, I suppose.

10. To appreciate Sundays

As I mentioned above, training days at Quadra were long. We trained every day: Sunday-Saturday (Sundays have since been turned into a "Rec Activities Only" day). The only distinction between Sunday and the rest of the week, however, was that training didn't start til 1300, and wakey wakey was at 1000 instead of 0600.

As such, Sundays were pretty chill. You went to eat either cold breakfast (<1000) or got brunch (>1030), then were bascially left to your own devices for the rest of your morning. If your parents lived nearby and wanted to take you on leave, you could if you'd arranged it beforehand. If you wanted to hang around in the blocks and read, you could. If you wanted to go hang around with friends of yours, you could. If you just wanted to sleep more, you could (provided you could sleep with people moving around after 1000, the designated end of "quiet time").

There were also the options of getting into dress uniform and going to either a Catholic or Protestant (Anglican? I think) church at 0900, but I was a bad person and opted to sleep in, as it was the only day I could do so. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but when you're in that kind of situation for weeks on end, you kind of want to take the breaks where you can get them. I still read my Bible and such when I was on course, so I don't feel as bad.

Either way, though, Sunday was a nice break in the fast-paced training routine, and it became a habit to count the days til Sunday whenever I went away.

Stay tuned for Literary Vandalism tomorrow! Same Bat-time; same Bat-channel!

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Do cadets have a funky dress uniform?

And blimey, 0600 starts six days a week! You've really got to be committed, haven't you. Which is a good thing, and I respect it, but it's a remarkable thing to choose at a young age.

It's not all that funky, really: http://imgur.com/R2Nfm0W,77pZDmP#0

Of course, I think they might have let us just wear this instead, which was a summer version: http://imgur.com/R2Nfm0W,77pZDmP#1

And thankfully, the 0600 start for 6 days/week was only for summer training, so maximum 7 weeks at a time, then it went back to normal.

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