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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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I've finally done it
I've officially snapped. I mean, that's really the only logical explanation I have for what I'm going to say next:

I've got a week by week schedule of how I plan to post a lot of my writing ideas, starting in January.

Told you it was going to sound insane.

As my last post said, I have a lot of WIPs and unfinished stories I'd like to complete. Unfortunately, this doesn't cover some of my original writing ideas I've come up with (and continue to come up with), so I've made a table of sorts. I'm so organized; I wrote it on a Post-It note and everything.

It goes as follows:

Sundays - 2015 marks 10 years of my having been involved with cadets/the military. This is a commemorative ongoing work of what the program has done for me, titled rather uncreatively What Cadets Has Taught Me.

Mondays - Wreck This Journal; put into more detail here, this is my journey to ruin a book. No videos, as my brother is a schmuck, but plenty of photographic evidence.

Tuesdays - Updating the behemoth piece of crack!fic that is The Smitty Story.

Wednesdays - Listographies! I have to work my way through the rest of them at some point.

Thursdays - Posting either more UNIT!100 stories, or updating my other fanfic WIPs.

Fridays - This Is Not A Book; not detailed as much as the Wreck This Journal project, but only because I acquired it after the Year of Writing was finished. It's from the same author, but the idea is that you use it for everything BUT being a book. Look for photos; should be good. :D

Saturdays - My OFic/other original narrative ideas I have will go here. The Smitty Story is under a separate category simply because it's older/has taken on a massive life of its own.


So, essentially it's a post-a-day idea, though I'd like to stress that it is NOT another YoW-scale project (which really just turned into a daily journal, rather than using half the ideas I had planned). The idea is that this schedule remains in effect until my literary projects finish/days empty.

Here's hoping that this makes me more accountable and makes me finish things sooner.

LET'S DO THIS, 2015!

On another note, have a very Merry Christmas, (should you celebrate it)! I should go back to wrapping my presents now; I've been putting them off to write this. XD