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Eat a Dick
I have ideas. So many ideas. They come and they go and run circles in my head, leaving me ragged behind them. I have ideas in one fandom, then I discover a new fandom and I get ideas there, unfortunately drying up the well of inspiration for the previous fandom, and then I discover new fandoms and ideas... it's an endless cycle. This is why I have unfinished works dating back to 2007 (whoops), and some that still sit in a notebook/binder, never been fully typed out.

Anyway, I found this and decided to post them all in one place:

If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNaWriMo or what have you, post exactly one sentence from each of your current works in progress in your journal.

Technically, many of my works aren't 'current', but I just felt like including all my WIPs. Also, I've decided to do a small segment, not just one sentence. So there.

Many (if not all) of my old WIPs were showcased in a post from 2010 when I wasn't sure what to do with many of them. In many of the cases, I'm still not too sure. Hence why it's been 4 1/2 years since that post, and they're still WIPs.

Now, onto more current works:

15. Smitty and the Quest for the Class 5 Cook (Aka: The Smitty Story; original work)

Yvanovich grabbed the book before it fell. “Is this…? Have you been writing about our travels? In cheap NOVEL form, I might add?” He gave the Princess a look of scorn, pointing out the cover. “I mean, really - you’ve titled it ‘Smitty and the Quest for the Class 5 Cook’. Nobody’s going to want to read that. It sounds like a cheaply-made children’s book.”

16. Missing (008. Weeks, UNIT!100)

The only downside of being relatively certain that it was some alien lifeforms that had taken him prisoner, was that this meant he was also relatively certain who would be investigating it - UNIT. Mitigating factor of helping during the incident with the Spiders aside, he was still aware that his name was essentially mud around said organization. He could only hope that the Brigadier, upon the eventuality of finding his name connected to this case, wouldn’t just leave him to rot in this cell.

17. How Deep Is Your Love?(085. She, UNIT!100 - Part 8 of the Captain No Longer series)

When Benton had woken up, he was back to normal, but this was causing Mike some distress, as he still seemed to think he was the Sergeant. It didn’t help matters for the rest of them, either, as the idea of having two Bentons now was rather odd.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking thing for Jo, though, was the fact that Benton didn’t seem to remember any of the past year at all. Mike had told them all that “the Captain’s” memory seemed to be a bit hazy when he had regained consciousness, but Jo didn’t quite realize what Mike had meant until she paid a visit to the infirmary herself.

18. Happenstance (006. Hours, UNIT!100)

She takes in his uniform (dishevelled though it may be) with a certain kind of disdain. "And you are...?"

He has the good grace to appear embarrassed at his sorry state. "Oh, I'm sorry. Where are my manners? Captain Mike Yates, of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, or UNIT. And yourself?"

She gives him a cool look; one that says he really ought to know already. "Agent Sara Kingdom, of the Space Security Service."

19. Deception (012. Orange, 033. Too Much, 077. What?, 009. Months, [chapters so far] UNIT!100)

This was just asking for trouble, Captain Mike Yates thought to himself as he escorted yet another convoy carrying top secret materials. Every time we transport something important anywhere, we get attacked by something.

However, his wariness seemed to be unfounded, as the UNIT convoy was already in sight of their destination, and nothing out of the ordinary had happened yet. Yates allowed himself a small smile. Perhaps everything would finally work out in their favour this time. Perhaps…

And then he didn’t have time to think as the world exploded all around him in a flash of orange and black.

20. Barrier (037. Sound, UNIT!100)

Several hours of poking and prodding from the medics in the infirmary later, the Brigadier’s head had been bandaged, and he was cleared to leave…but not to go back to field work for the immediate future. He didn’t take in a lot of the information he had been given, but the words Perforated eardrum…conductive hearing loss… three weeks light work only, then reassessment… stood out to him on the note he had been given.

The Brigadier walked back to his office in a sort of daze - what was he meant to do if he couldn’t hear?

21. [Currently Untitled] (WLIIA; unused prompt from a previous year's Whose-A-Thon)

Despite how Colin had seen Ryan pull it together earlier, he was off his game all taping - missing obvious cues for jokes at times, movements more stiff, and Colin actually heard him stammer at one point. Wayne, Colin, and Greg all stepped up their own performances to cover for him and the majority of the games that were recorded were passable for airing, but everyone knew something was wrong with Ryan.


And this isn't counting the 7 UNIT!100 fic prompts I have set aside for fics but haven't started yet, the list of 40+ previously abandoned Whose-A-Thon prompts that have interested me, and the 3-5 original fic ideas I have on a backburner.

Don't even get me started about the Listographies, either.

Ahh, heck with it - have a snippet from each of my completed but unposted UNIT!100 fics (holding off on posting them in their entirety until I get more ideas to complete the Table):

1. Haircut (039. Taste)

The next time he notices the state of his hair, it’s not through any choice of his own, but by a comment from a random passerby. “Look at that,” the portly man in the tweed suit declares as he walks by. “It’s hippies like you that will be the demise of society. You should be ashamed of yourself, young man - you really ought to get yourself cleaned up, and find something more respectable to do to serve Queen and country. Like the military, for instance!”
He has to resist the urge to respond with a scathing comment on the irony of that statement as the man walks away.

2. Infiltration (055. Spirit)

“I suppose that makes sense,” Jo relented, accepting the corsage when Benton held it out, and putting it on. “But I still think that once we get out there, people will know we’re not really dance partners. I’ve never gone ballroom dancing in my life.”

“Don’t you worry, Miss - Jo,” he amended after seeing the look Jo shot him. “I’ve been doing this for ages. All you’ll have to do will be to follow my lead.”

3. Sidelines (046. Star)

He sighed. “Yes, Jo - I do miss it; I would give anything to go traveling again.” Upon seeing the look on her face turn to one of dismay, he quickly added, “I do enjoy your company, though - don’t doubt that.”

She looked at him skeptically. “Really? How could my company possibly compare with what’s out there?” She made a gesture towards the sky with her hand. “If the creatures we’ve encountered so far are anything to go by, there must be far more interesting things to do out in the universe than simply spend time with me.”

4. Out of the Deep (064. Fall - sequel to Into the Ocean)

Her expression clouded as she looked at him. “You haven’t been feeling well, ever since you nearly drowned yesterday. We were so worried; the Doctor said you were lucky to escape with only moderate hypothermia.”

Mike tried his hardest to remember the events she was talking about, then it all came back to him: pushing Jo away from the edge, his own fall from the cliff, trying to stay afloat in the freezing ocean water, and being rescued by the Brigadier and the Doctor. “Jo, I…” he tried to talk again, but this time was cut off by more shivers as his body tried desperately to warm itself up.

5. It's A Shame (066. Rain)

"It’s a shame, isn’t it? That we have to be stuck out here in this miserable weather, that is.”

“It is,” Yates agreed. “Just like you and I to be assigned the worst patrol shift during this crisis. I think the Brig does it on purpose.” The last part was added in a mutter.

“It does seem to happen a lot to us, doesn’t it, Sir?” Benton nodded. “But at least we have some shelter from the rain.”

6. Looking In (005. Outsides)

He clears his throat, trying to make his presence known, but the man doesn’t seem to notice. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, as the case may be) his assistant chooses that moment to enter, looking especially bright and cheerful. “Good morning, Doctor. Sorry I’m late - my car had a flat.” Then she seems to register the horrible mess in the lab. “Oh dear. Had another experiment go wrong, I suppose,” she says to herself. Then she turns to look at his awkward slime-covered presence, still standing by the door holding the folder with the report. “Oh, hello there! I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Jo Grant, the Doctor’s assistant.”

She’s talking to him! This is better than he could have imagined. Of course, he never imagined that he would have been covered in slime at the time, so maybe it’s not as good as he thinks. Then he remembers that he probably ought to reply if he doesn’t want to seem rude. “No, miss - I just started a week ago. Private Roberts, at your service.”


Well, if you sat through all that... congratulations. :O I'm going to get back to writing more of the UNIT!100 table soon, I promise! There's only 22 prompts I haven't actually assigned to story ideas yet, so it's only a matter of time. :D

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I think your problem can probably be explained by you having a good imagination, and being human! Getting nobbled by new fandom plot bunnies is not an uncommon issue. Best you can do is try to fight the little sods off, and finish what you've started! Easier said than done though, I know...

Mike meeting Sara Kingdom! Interesting!

Well, that's one way to think of it, I suppose. :P It'd just be nice to be able to finish my ideas before I get new ones, is all. But you can't have everything. Oh well.

Yeah! I'm actually kind of excited about that one - it's based off of the photo that shows up on a board in the Black Archive in the 50th anniversary special. People were making all sorts of comments about it at the time, like "cue the fanfics" and such, but I have yet to see anyone actually write one. So mine can be the first! :D

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE can't wait to read more!!!!

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