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NaBloPoMo 2014 - Day Thirty
Fus Ro Yay
Well, another month of November has come and gone. Doesn't quite feel real, actually - I know I'm definitely not thinking in terms of December yet. But really, who is, given this time of year?

Anyway, today was Grey Cup Sunday this afternoon and there was also a hockey game on this morning, so it was a very sports-themed day today. We even went out and got wings because Tim wanted "sports" food. Not that I have a problem with this, though. I also had wings, but boneless ones, which basically makes them wings-flavoured chicken nuggets. I'm okay with that. Tasty, tasty chicken nuggets.

We also put up our tree! Tim and I had been looking for one recently, as it just wouldn't feel like Christmas without one, and yesterday, Tim's mom found us a nice discounted one. :D

It came pre-lit with the white lights; we added the blue from our massive stash of wedding leftovers. Then added our combined meagre supply of ornaments.

He's not the tree topper we deserve, but he's the tree topper we need right now.

It's been a fun month - see you all in December!

[Ed. note: I've gone back and retroactively added the missing photos to Days 15, 16, and 28, if anyone was wondering what happened to them.]

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Very pretty! I like the Batman touch. My sister's dream tree decoration! (I'm more of an Iron Man fan - or Sean Pertwee, but I think he might bend the trunk). :)

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