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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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NaBloPoMo 2014 - Day Twenty
Mike Yates
Apparently I haven't used Safari since posting for NaBlo 2010, as that's what prompted for the entry title. How odd.

Anyway, yesterday I said I might take a walk to alleviate the sheer Blah of my day alone at home, and swordznsorcery suggested "Are there any interesting local features? Neighbourhood pictures might help to fill up a post."

While there aren't many outstanding landmarks within walking distance of our house (as I have no car at the moment), I decided to break out my camera and take pictures of things I came across that I found interesting.

What you see below is the culmination of walking down 10 blocks of main road near my house (then back home, clearly), totaling 1h40 walking time.

Quick selfie before heading out to show that I'm in Srs Bzns mode - you can tell by the Scarf.

My neighborhood. Note that it's grey and dreary.

And wet. Well, they don't call it Raincouver for nothing.

I was faced with a choice upon arriving at the main road - go up this unfriendly hill...

...Or down this not-hill. Guess which one I picked.

Upon choosing the path of least resistance, I came across this river that I've driven by many times, but never actually stopped to look at.

Some fallen tree that I thought looked interesting.

Random shopping cart filled with junk. Maybe a homeless person lives there?

Foliage! :D

An abandoned Christmas gift bag. Poor thing.

Warning - addition problems ahead.

I thought all the orange leaves looked pretty.


I consider myself lucky to live in a place that still has so much natural plant life around. I don't know how the people who live in big urban centres do it.

I thought the red of the hydrant looked striking against the bushes.

Beware the bicycles from above.

More pretty!

I'm far too easily amused by typos on public signs/notices.

You wouldn't think that this sort of colour naturally occurs on trees, but it totally does.

I love these trees. I could look at them all day.

Random telephone pole offers assistance with my personal finances. No thank you - my mother always told me to not talk to strangers.

Just because I liked the colour. Opted not to take a clearer one, for privacy's sake. People can get pretty iffy about things like that.

The sky was turning an odd blue-with-lighter-colour-on-the-edges colour on my way home.

Apparently some person has these special trees in their front yard. Who knew?

I have had it with striped signs. Where are the plaid ones when you need them?

The Hill of Doom I didn't want to climb earlier. Note how much worse it looks from here than in my earlier picture.

The power transformers farm. Nothing but kilometres of transformers, almost ready for harvest.

Info signs for the Shopping Cart Stream that I hadn't bothered to look at earlier.

Word of the day: Riparian. Knowledge is power!

Apparently I live on Bear Street now. Such is life.

Hopefully you enjoyed this look at my neighborhood. :D See you all tomorrow, when we enter the third and final phase of NaBlo 2014!

[Note: Also, if for any reason you want a full-size version of any of the photos, just let me know. :)]

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Oh noes! Flying bicycles!

Nice collection of photos. Those red leaves look terrific. We seem to have skipped the red stage of autumn here, and gone straight from greeny-brown to bare trees, so it was nice to see some good colour. And that perspective shot, looking down the road towards the hill, is very striking. I like the river too.

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