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NaBloPoMo 2014 - Day One
Alright - it's Day One of NaBloPoMo, and I thought I'd kick it off with another update on my life.

So after I posted that last rant-ish thing about my car, I've semi died on here, and didn't explain how it ended up panning out.

You may recall me saying I was just going to postpone insuring my car until after December 31 in order to avoid having to re-AirCare it. It turns out that my insurance, regardless of when I was going to get it renewed, would have needed another emissions check, as the insurance renewal papers said so. Sigh. I therefore had no choice but to get it fixed.

Luckily, a guy at our church works on cars, and his son has a auto repair shop. So on October 20, I dropped the car off at their place, and waited for it to be fixed. Long story short - turns out I had a faulty EGR valve, causing my engine to flood and such (I don't remember all the terms he used when he explained it to me), which was the cause of all my excess emissions. On another note, it was also causing me to get lower gas mileage than I should have been. So that was a plus side to getting it fixed.

$323.04 later, it passed AirCare, and was good to go to reinsure. Only problem is, Tim and I can't afford to re-insure it at this time - even the repair costs are iffy right now. But they're something I had to take care of, so we decided it was a necessary evil. So after shelling out another $18 to insure it for the day, I dropped it off at my parents' house (we figured parking a soon-to-be uninsured vehicle in their driveway would make a lot more sense than on the road by our house), and asked them to write us a cheque for the repair costs (we were told we could pay that way when the guy gave me the invoice). Bless their hearts; my dad even said that when we want to reinsure my car, they'd help front the cost of it and we could just pay them back later.

So now my car is sitting on the end of my parents' driveway with all my cadet things in it, needing to be retrieved. I should probably do that at some point.

Work has been relatively easy in regards to this, though - Tim's nice enough to get up a bit earlier than usual on Tuesdays and give me a ride in, and I ride the SkyTrain back to the stop closest to his work, where he gives me the car. I drive myself home from there, and then pick him up later when he finishes. On Saturdays, I get up earlier than usual and drive Tim into work, then drive myself to work with his car. I finish close to the same time he does (Me - 1700; him - 1800), and I just drive to his work and hang out until he's finished, then we drive home together. So that's been good.

As for cadets, I haven't had to deal with the lack of car much yet. We'll just see how things go on Monday.

In summary: I have no car right now but Tim and I are making it work with one; we're still a little behind on funds right now, but my parents have said we don't need to pay them back for the cheque they wrote us yet; I finally got paid for cadets, and we got some overdue bills paid off! At least things are looking up a little. Now we just need a bit more money to pay back my parents and pay off my overlimit CC...

Bit by bit, eh? See you all tomorrow!


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