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Music Listography, Take 1
Those of you who know me will know that I love music. Still others who know me and how I read/write will know that I love lists.

So, what better way to combine the two than with this:


I'm going to be writing through the lists in this book on this journal, just for fun. (No worries; I'll get back to my stories soon enough.)

To kick things off, then, we have
List Your Top Twenty Bands.

(Deliberately only went with groups for this one - no solo artists here.)

1. The Beatles
2. The Who
3. The Rolling Stones (mostly their early stuff)
4. The Monkees
5. Led Zeppelin
6. Pink Floyd
8. Green Day
9. Apocalyptica
10. Simon and Garfunkel
11. Queen
12. Peter, Paul, and Mary
13. Boston
14. Caravan Palace
15. The Eagles
16. Electric Light Orchestra
17. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
18. Flight of the Conchords
19. Maroon 5
20. Midnight Oil

There's plenty more I could have added here, but they only wanted 20.  So, there you go.  :P

See you later with another list!

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Interesting! Lists are always good. I'm not sure I can let you get away with putting Queen so low down, though. ;) Always good to see The Who getting some recognition, and I keep meaning to listen to more Green Day. "American Idiot" is one of my favourite albums, and I have their old greatest hits compilation, but I must listen to some more of their proper albums.

Other than the Beatles, the bands weren't in any particular order of preference. :P so there was no intended favouritism, there.

I love the Who - they were the inspiration behind this LJ name, as a matter of fact. (Thank goodness my 15-year old self went with a name inspired by them and not something utterly stupid.)

If it's not in any particular order I might let you off then. Might. ;)

I shudder to think what I'd have called my LJ when I was fifteen! I was Python-obsessed at the time, so it would probably have been something to do with dead parrots or lumberjacks. Maybe not too bad.

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