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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Shamelessly stolen from crazy_square's archives for lolz
Basically what the title says. I was bored, and started reading some of crazy_square's old entries, and came across this note that he stole from someone else. So I'm stealing it from him now. XD

1. What are your opinions on beards?
- Depends on the person. Some people suit them, others don't.

2. Have you ever been interested in ceramics?
- Nope. Can't ever say as I have.

3. Have you ever created something awesome and then discovered that someone had ruined it?
- My Lego structures, and my brothers. ALL THE FREAKING TIME (when I was younger and actually still owned Lego).

4. How often do you get sinus infections, if you get them at all?
- Never! :D

5. Do you ever recite lines from movies/TV shows while you watch them?
- Oh, absolutely. My brothers and I totally do this for Toy Story in particular.

6. What are your opinions about wearing leggings as pants?

7. Have you ever skipped class for a stupid reason?
- I was homeschooled, so not at all during those years. In university, I skipped out on half of a Theory class to study for a History exam later that day.

8. How often do you find bruises/cuts/injuries that you don't remember getting?
- Depends. I usually recall where I get those, but there are odd times when I discover cuts and scrapes that I don't remember.

9. Do you have any inside jokes with your family?
- Of course. JLM! :D

10. If a movie comes on TV that you also have on DVD, will you watch it on TV or just get it and watch it on DVD instead?
- I don't watch a lot of TV. That's what happens when you don't have cable, satellite, or a digital box. So I'd just watch the DVD.

11. What is your least favourite day of the week?
- A day that sucks.

12. What are your thoughts on zombies?
- Well, my dad was giving Alex an "Apocalyptic Zombie Wedgie" earlier tonight, and I can't get that out of my mind. Does that count?

13. Do you ever make playlists for specific events/times in your life (for instance, a playlist that reminds you of 8th grade or a particular vacation you went on)?
- I have one - it's a Quadra playlist, full of songs that make me think of my past times there.

14. What part of your body seems to hurt most often?
- My left shoulder/back. Downsides of scar tissue from an accident that happened years ago.

15. Is there anything that is common for people to do that REALLY bothers you (like when people cough, scrape silverware against a plate, etc.)?
- Just reading the bit about the silverware made me cringe inside as I imagined it.

16. Do you play The Sims 3? If so, what is the craziest family you've ever played with?
- Never played the Sims and never plan to.

17. Have you ever been so obsessed with a game to the point where you played it all night?
- No, thanks. I do have some semblance of sanity here.

18. If you find something you really want in a store, will you buy it or wait until it goes on sale?
- Depends on how much I really want it. If I know it'll go on sale eventually, I'll probably wait.

19. How often are you bored?
- Depends on the scenario.

20. Do you like taking naps, or do you feel like they're a waste?
- I have a hard time falling asleep during the middle of the day. That being said, if I'm tired, I can crash just about anywhere. Of course, I usually feel wrecked when I wake up, though.

21. Do you have a hard time expressing how you feel?
- Sometimes. I'd like to think I'm usually fairly good, though.

22. Are your hands and feet always cold?
- People tell me my hands are cold (or at least cool) more often than not, so I'll say yes. Don't think my feet are, though.

23. Would you ever work in retail?
- Already have. Would be now, if I hadn't been laid off.

24. Were you "known" for anything in high school?
- "The person who's in cadets", to all my other homeschooled friends.

25. Do you ever feel like you're not good enough for anything?
- Depends on the scenario. There are certain things I know I'm not good enough to do, but I've accepted those. There are other things, though, that I know I'm good at, so I do have a measure of self-confidence in myself.

26. What is your favourite kind of museum to visit (science, art, history, etc.)?
- Military museums fascinate me. I love looking at all the old weapons/uniforms/vehicles. The one in Ottawa, in particular, is a great place to visit.

27. How do you feel about going places by yourself?
- I don't mind. Sometimes I like the solitude.

28. Do you get lost easily?
- Oh yes. At the drop of a hat, if I'm traveling someplace I've never been before.

29. Have you ever watched the TV series "The Walking Dead" on AMC? If so, what do you think of it?
- Nope, and I don't plan to.

30. How do you feel about your driver’s license picture (if you have your driver’s license)?
- I look nothing like my picture anymore. My hair is longer, and no longer blonde.

31. How patient are you when it comes to sitting in traffic?
- Depends on whether I need to be anywhere at the time.

32. Do you generally tend to overestimate or underestimate?
- Well, clearly you overestimated how smart this question would sound, and now I won't make the mistake of underestimating your question-making stupidity.

33. Do you ever feel like you share a brain with one of your friends?
- Uh. What?

34. Have you ever slept in jeans before?
- Plenty of times; mostly in first year of university when I had to be up at 0600 and it was freezing cold.

35. Do people tend to think you look younger than your age, or older? Or are they usually accurate at guessing your age?
- Everyone seems to think I'm 17 - they have for the past 8 years, actually. Maybe I'll never physically age past this point.

Feel free to steal if you want.