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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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UNIT!100 - 007. Days.
I Am Clever
Title: Wander in the Night (10/10)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Entire UNIT Family
Prompt: 007. Days.
Word Count: 671
Rating: T
Summary: John Benton just wanted to enjoy his 3 days of leave. Unfortunately, some beings have other plans for him. 10 Chapters, each written for a separate fanfic100 prompt.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own OCs, should I create any for these stories.
Author’s Note: So I lied. I’m currently writing an epilogue of sorts for this story, which will make this 10 + 1 parts long (because the other one should theoretically be able to stand on its own). Should have that done and posted in another day or two.


The next morning, the Doctor came to speak to Benton. He had initially been met with the same sort of response as the Brigadier had, but once he explained to Benton that he knew who the lizard people were (some race that Benton couldn’t ever hope to pronounce the name of even if he tried), Benton had seemed to perk up a little. Then once he took a blood sample and found out what Benton had been given, the Doctor told him that it was only a matter of a few days before he could create an antidote and reverse the effects.

Benton had sounded so hopeful when the Doctor had told him the blindness wasn’t permanent, it was almost heart-breaking. To know that the Sergeant would easily place all that trust in him to find a solution... the Doctor resolved to work that much harder to get the antidote completed quickly.

After that, the next several days passed in a bit of a blur. Benton was moved out of the medical ward, as he had no real need to be in there the whole time while he waited for the antidote, but then the question was raised of where to put him? He couldn’t really be put in the enlisted men’s barracks, as the amount of people and items in there would surely disorient him; not to mention Benton had a top bunk. There was a slight amount of confusion for a little while until Captain Yates spoke up, offering to share his personal officer’s quarters with Benton until he was well again.

This turned out to be for the best, as it gave Benton a place to stay where he wasn’t constantly having to endure a barrage of pity or mocking when he tripped over things or had difficulty tying his tie. The young Captain was helpful without being smothering, encouraging when Benton got frustrated at not being able to do simple tasks anymore, but most importantly, didn’t treat Benton like he was an invalid. And for that, Benton was grateful.

Another benefit that Benton had found was that having a friend nearby helped keep the nightmares and doubts at bay. He was able to sleep well for the first time in days, despite sleeping on the floor.

During the day, Benton worked alongside Jo Grant, taking care of small errands that the Doctor needed her to run. She was glad for the company, and he was glad for the distraction from his worries. Doing even small jobs made him feel like he wasn’t completely useless, despite not being able to see, and Jo’s irrepressible cheerfulness and optimism helped lighten his mood.

Finally, the Doctor completed the antidote, and for Benton, that day couldn’t have come soon enough. Everyone in his circle of friends had gathered around to see if it would work, all apprehensive for him. When the antidote finally took effect, and Benton blinked his eyes several times as if to clear his vision, then actually looked at them all, the excitement was a giddying feeling.

Benton would never admit it later, but knowing that the harrowing ordeal was all over and he could see again; he definitely shed tears of joy. As it was, he had immediately enveloped the Doctor in a gigantic hug, thanking him profusely for all his help. The Doctor had stumbled back, clearly not expecting that kind of reaction, but recovered well, regaining his balance and brushing it off with a smile and “You’re welcome, Sergeant.”

Jo had also given him a hug, and Mike had clapped him on the back and made a joke about getting his floor space back. Once everyone else had offered their congratulations, the Brigadier’s moustache had twitched upwards as he’d observed, “Who would have thought three days leave would cause this much commotion?” while he handed Benton another signed leave form. “Do try not to get in trouble this time, Sergeant.”

Benton could only smile wryly as he took the papers. “I’ll do my best, Sir.”

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Maybe this time someone should go with him!

Well done!!!

Probably a good idea, yeah.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this. :)

Nice to see Benton being the star of an adventure for a change. Mike has always been my favourite member of the UNT family, but Benton is good too, and too often overlooked, imho.

And yes, somebody probably should go with him this time! ;)

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