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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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UNIT!100 - 019. White.
I Am Clever
Title: Wander in the Night (2/10)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: John Benton
Prompt: 019. White.
Word Count: 473
Rating: T
Summary: John Benton just wanted to enjoy his 3 days of leave. Unfortunately, some beings have other plans for him. 10 chapters, each written for a separate fanfic100 prompt.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own OCs, should I create any for these stories.


When Benton woke up, he found he was lying on a bed in a plain white room. He hadn’t been tied down, which was a nice change, but he had still been taken against his will. He stood up and began to search the room for any means of escape.

However, his search yielded nothing - no windows, and only the thinnest seam possible where he assumed the door to be. However, he had discovered that the ceiling of the room was indeed high enough for him to stand up (a benefit that someone of his height didn’t always get), and that the room was roughly 10’ x 10’. How that helped him, he wasn’t sure yet.

As for how it was lit… it was odd. There were no physical lights that he could see, and yet the entire room was well-lit. Benton had the sneaking suspicion that whatever was at play here, something alien was involved.

Just then, the seam widened and a door slid open, revealing two reptilian creatures. They were both relatively small; the larger of the two only coming up to Benton’s chest level. They didn’t appear to be armed, but Benton had learned that you could never be sure about who carried weapons and how alien creatures managed to hide them so well, so he didn’t make a move to bolt out the door quite yet.

“Greetingsssssss, creature,” the larger one addressed him with a hiss as they entered the room. “I trust your accommodations are to your liking?”

“I’ve had worse,” Benton responded honestly. “But I was still brought here against my will. What’s going on here?”

“My humblest apologies, creature. We require your assistance, and could not risssssk you declining our offer. We mean you no harm.”

“So you kidnapped me.” Benton was frowning now.

“Unfortunately, the circumssssstances required us to bring you here by force. But we have no wish to attack you or othersssss of your kind, creature. We are here only in the name of Sssssscience.”

“Well, whatever it is, I don’t want any part of it. I was kidnapped, and I want to leave.” And with that, Benton attempted to make a dash for the door, only to be tackled from behind by the smaller of the two lizard-creatures. They were clearly a lot stronger than they looked, as Benton was pinned underneath the one that had jumped on him and was now unable to move.

The larger one shook its head. “I was afraid of thissssss.” It sighed, then made a motion toward the smaller one on Benton’s back. “Bring him to the laboratory. We mussssst begin the tests before it is too late.” Then, crouching, it addressed Benton. “I apologize again, creature, but we require your assistance, whether you give it freely or not. Our people will be sssssssaved.”

X-posted to FF.net, Teaspoon, AO3, and unit_family.

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I like these 'bad' guys. It's interesting that they don't appear to be all that bad.

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