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Day Three Hundred Forty-Five (Aka: In Which There Is A Case of Mistaken Identity)
Ready To Be Trolled
So for the past couple of nights, I've worked the closing shift at the store. During that time, we're all given different tasks (vacuuming, mopping, garbage, etc) to complete, and these past few shifts, I've been given the task of cleaning the bathrooms/wiping down the walls with cleaner.

While I clean, I like to sing. Always have; it's either listening to/singing along to music with my iPod or on speakers, or if there's no music, I just sing to myself.

So I've been singing Christmas carols while I clean the bathrooms, and last night, I apparently not only had a pseudo-audience from my coworkers working in and around our back stock room (bathrooms and stock room are side by side), but one of them thought I was our store's PA system (we've been playing Christmas music over it for the past few weeks.

Not sure if I should be flattered that people think that of my voice, or weirded out that apparently people were listening to me sing in the bathrooms.


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