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Day Three Hundred-Five (Aka: NaBloPoMo 2013 - Day One)
Pinkie Stare
AKA: Banks are dumb.

This is a little story I like to call "Banks are retarded and should let you digitally transfer money between two different banks".

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to digitally transfer some of her money into another account she had with another bank, only be told be The Evil Killjoy, Destroyer of Happiness that such a thing was not possible and that she'd have to do cash-only withdrawals and deposits from one to the other.

This made the girl (very understandably) upset, as she had never liked carrying around large sums of money and making separate trips to two different banks/places to do this; even less so when it would make so much more sense to be allowed to do it over the internet LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IS.

She was extremely not happy, so she went and wrote this story detailing her extremely unjust situation on said internet.

And here she is now.



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