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Day Two Hundred Ninety-Four (Aka: Ridiculous Use of Time)
I Am Clever
I had a 6-hour shift at work today, and this is how I spent the majority of my time:

We had a box full of these glass figurines that needed to be priced and put on their rack. They were super tiny, which made them super adorable at first....not so much later.


Unfortunately, they didn't come in those boxes. Oh, no no. That would have made things too easy. Instead, whoever packed them was a sadist decided to bundle them into little cardboard boxes of 6 figures (keeping like figures together). Plus, all those plastic individual boxes (like the one in the picture) needed to be assembled. I didn't have to do that, thank goodness. Someone else had done all that/started packaging them the other day - who knows how long I would have spent on them had I started completely from scratch today.

All in all, it wasn't difficult so much as it was really ridiculously time-consuming. Had to unbundle the 6-pack boxes, price sticker all the individual boxes, put the figures into those boxes/make sure they were facing the right way (if they were jiggled/shaken/jarred/dropped, they had a bad habit of flipping around and over and such), close all the boxes (which was more frustrating than it sounds like, trust me), and arrange them on the rack, in little tracks on the rack that the fershlugginer boxes DIDN'T EVEN FIT INTO CORRECTLY. They kept falling out and all over the place, which meant that I had to constantly open them up and rearrange the figures properly. I finally just ended up putting a strip of Scotch tape across the end(s) to stop them from falling everywhere.


So this right here is the end result of...4 1/2 to 5 hours of work. And all it will take is one person to take something off of that rack for it all to be shot to unspeakable places where the sun don't shine.

Sigh. The things I do.


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