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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Day Two Hundred Seventy-Nine (Aka: Spirit of Giving)
Adam Smile
I love to give gifts.  Always have.

I seem to have a pretty decent knack for finding things that I know other people would like, which helps out a lot.  Sometimes, however, it doesn't (like when I'm short on money, and all I can seem to do every time I go out is see things I want to buy other people).

I don't know why I love giving people things.  I just do.  I once spent time redoing the entire Grinch Who Stole Christmas for another student at my school, just based on an offhanded joke I'd made one day.  We weren't even that close of friends; I just thought he'd enjoy it.  I got the whole thing typed out (mainly copy-pasted, but with loads of formatting/name changes [I made every character named after him]) neatly into a book, with a nice title page and everything, and even threw in an autograph (:P).  He loved it, and that made my day, because it was something I'd seen as not that big of a deal; just something I thought he would like.

Now, small backstory for this 'episode': there's another guy (again; not really friends) at my school who's really into Liberace.  Like, REALLY into him.  So, a couple of Christmases ago, I happened to be out with my mom shopping, and we had wandered into a thrift store.  I happened to find a Liberace LP for $0.50 (actually ended up only being $0.25 in the end), so I thought I'd buy it for this guy just 'cause.  Oh, he liked it all right.  He was all "THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! I don't actually have a record player, but this is still awesome!"  He then proceeded to show it off to everybody he came into contact with, including our Music History professor (we had a final that day).  Again, this reaction made my day.

Now, cue yesterday - I had gone garage-saling with my grandparents and Tim.  There was a sizeable collection of LPs at one of the garage sales, and I found a fair number (8-10) of LPs I wanted to get, including some for other people.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I had no money on me.  Tim was nice enough to lend me $2, so I was able to get two of the records.  After a short amount of thinking, my choice was basically clear to me - I got two records for other people.  I got my brother an Elton John record (Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road), and I found another Liberace album for that guy at my school.

Now it might sound like I'm writing this all to blow my own horn and talk about how great I am, but that's not my intent; I promise.  I swear, I don't do it for the accolades or the self-appreciation - I just do it because I find things I know others will like, and I like seeing them happy because they like what I've found/given them.

I really love giving gifts.