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Day Two Hundred Sixty-One (Aka: Skype, Salsa-Making, and Simon & Garfunkel)
[Ed. Note: Retconned due to the internet being borked last night.]

I got to chat with crazy_square over Skype for a bit, which was a whole lot of fun. Then after I got ditched for him to "get sleep for school tomorrow", which is a LIKELY story (:P) totally logical, I was drafted to help my mother make salsa (we had a bunch of tomatoes from our garden that she wanted to use, and had decided earlier in the evening to use them in a mini-batch of salsa) by chopping bell peppers. Two of my brothers were supposed to help, but when you only have one working knife, I get to it first, and said other brothers are being more of a hindrance than a help in the meantime or refusing to help at all with pepper-cutting, my mom just sent the one away and asked me to just do all the peppers. I didn't mind.

Meanwhile, I had started off listening to music on my iPod, and started listening to Simon & Garfunkel. As I am wont to do, I was singing along. After two songs, Mom was all "not that I have a problem with your singing, but put it on on the computer so I can hear it, too". So for the remainder of the salsa-making/evening, we listened to S&G, discussed them/their lyrics... my "refusing to help" brother even got involved when he came upstairs. It was a good night, overall. I need more nights like this. :)


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