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I Am Clever


A Fine Line - Between Chaos and Creation

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy; I don't mind, I think they're crazy...

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Day Two Hundred-Sixty (Aka: How I Got My Name[s])
Today I give you: the origins of my names, and some of the nicknames I've received over the years.

Josee = Combination of being named after Josee Chouinard, the figure skater, and Josephine the cat, a cat who keeps running away from her owner in several French kids' books. (Yes, the picture is in English, but that's only because I couldn't find a good copy of the French ones).

-Martine = From my dad's middle name, Martin.

Julie = Named after one of my aunts. From my parents apparently deciding that I should have more to my name than just Josee Martine Smith, so they hyphenated 'Martine' and tacked it onto my first name, and made this my middle name, thus making me the first in a line of 6 kids in my family who would never get their full name used. Like, ever.

Smith = From my Dad, and his parents, and their parents, etc. Obviously.

JoJo (Potato) = Could be used with or without the Potato part. This is an old one, and it was only used by one of my friends back when we were 10-12. I have no idea where/how she came up with it. If any of you people reading this attempt to use it because "AWWW THAT'S ADORABLE ISN'T IT FUNNY THAT I'M USING IT NOW WHEN YOU'RE OLDER" comes into your head...don't.

Jared Cameron; Lawyer of Doom = From a hand-me-down sweater I used to have when I was 14 or so. It said "Jared" on the sleeve, and everyone was asking me "BUT WHO'S JARED?" So I started just telling them that I was in fact, Jared. Jared Cameron, as a matter of fact; certifiable Lawyer of Doom. I even went around acquiring quite a nice little clientele before my business got shut down due to me growing up.

Genie = This one started back when I was 12ish, but it didn't really catch on til I was 15 or so. My friend Naomi gave it to me back when we were still in basketball together, and supposedly it was inspired by this Genie's Drycleaning place or some such thing. Now it's grown, and she/her entire family (who we've known since I was 8 or so) call me that. They are the ONLY people that can call me that, though. I will not respond to it if other people try using it.

Admiral Jack Townshend = This one's from me, so I'm not sure if it totally counts, but whatever. My grandma emails me every so often, and as has always been the theme since I was little, a lot of our conversations tend to be pirate-themed (conversational/written/electronic). So I started signing my emails to her as "Admiral Jack" a while ago, and she'd give herself some appropriately-stereotypical naval name in return.

Alec Towser = I tend to go through...let's call them...mild fandom obsessions every time I get into something new. I read everything I can about the people/fandom (bios/info/fanfics), listen to music/watch movies/TV episodes, look at fanart... the lot. So, at the time I created this LJ, I was in a big Who craze. And when you're newly-15 and are making a new internet account, what's the best thing to name yourself? After your latest fandom craze, that's what! I combined bassist John Entwistle's middle name (Alec) with one of Pete Townshend's monikers (Towser), and thus, this account name was born.

Mom = ...Yeah. I got nicknamed "Mom" back when I was a 17-year old staff cadet by a 16-year old course cadet. (Background info: I had known this guy for 2 years already, so it's not as weirdly out of nowhere as it might seem to those of you who don't know this story.) I was teaching a class, and he wanted my attention. I was busy helping someone else out, and I told I would get to him in a minute. He kept repeating my name over and over, as if that would make me come over faster, and when that didn't work, he switched tactics and called out "MOM!" instead. Predictably, because I wasn't expecting that, I looked up and over, startled. He then decided it was hilarious, and because it worked, he was going to use that from now on. He and another male cadet proceeded to call me 'Mom' for the remainder of that summer.

Jaws(-sticks) = From my brother, a few years ago. He listens to a song called 'Rawkfist', and apparently decided that to poke fun at me, 'Jaws-sticks' sounded similar and would work to annoy me. (Because Josee TOTALLY sounds similar to Jaws-ay, I guess.) He usually leaves the '-sticks' part off now, but the 'Jaws' part I don't think will ever leave.

And, of course, the best for last. I give you:

Smitty McPatchington = From a Band course cadet in the summer of 2007, who apparently mis-read my nametag on my uniform(?) while we waited in the airport, and decided to start calling me "Smitty" all summer. He even got several other Band course cadets calling me Smitty as well. As for the "McPatchington" part, that was due to an incident 3 days later, where I somehow managed to get the equivalent of a skinned knee on my eyeball and had to wear this eyepatch for the next day or two to protect my eye. The surname isn't as prevalent, but "Smitty" is basically my one universal nickname that has stood the test of time and is still used to this day (I'm not counting Genie or Jaws, as those are minority-group nicknames).

There you have it; all of my names and why I have them. If I've somehow missed any, please let me know, and I'll fix this promptly.