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Day Two Hundred Thirty-Seven (Aka: BronyCan Was AWESOME)
Fus Ro Yay
[Ed. Note: SUPER retconned because it was a long day yesterday, and I didn't feel like posting when I got home really late last night.]

I had a fantastic time at the con today. Bought me a bunch of swag, saw some of the show's voice actors, and met some pretty awesome people.

I also managed to make one guy's day by lending him $2 to buy himself a button; he wanted to buy one from a vendor ($2), but only had $1 on him. I saw that he really wanted one, so I offered him a dollar to give him enough for the button. He was super grateful and kept on thanking me, but upon digging through his pockets, he couldn't find his other dollar. He then went to hand me back my loonie, saying "thanks anyway", when I offered to trade the loonie for a twoonie, thus giving him enough to buy it. He was even more happy and gave me a huge hug, which was awesome. The lady running the booth then offered me a button for free, which was pretty cool. :D (Also, now that I think about it, there's a certain bit of amusement in the fact that the guy I did this for was dressed as Rarity, who represents the Element of Generosity. I dunno. Just stuck me as interesting.)

I also (I'm pretty sure) managed to help convert a Starbucks barista to Bronyism. My brother and I went there for lunch (only place close enough), and apparently a bunch of other con people had also had the idea to go there, as she asked about how the con was going, and said how cool it was to see all of them coming through. She then asked me some questions about the show, and the conversation ended with her saying "Maybe I'll check it out sometime. People keep telling me how awesome it is." So if I managed to help that along....SUCCESS.

Lastly, check out the cool merch I picked up! [Not pictured: the poster and the button I bought for my two youngest brothers, and the Derpy Hooves keychain I got for Tim.]

I'm looking forward to next year. Should be lots of fun. :)


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