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Day One Hundred Ninety-Two (Aka: A Last-Minute Injury)
I Am Clever

I found out earlier today that I was not only on block duty tonight (2000-2230), but also on breezeway duty before that (1800-2000).  Because there was a Ceremony of the Flags practice on the parade square, this meant that my duty was outsourced to the nearby cellphone-dead elementary school.  I had to accompany cadets there via bus, and back when it was over.


Everything was relatively uneventful (besides my punting a volleyball over a course cadet's head - but that's another story), until we were waiting for the bus at the end.  One cadet thought he'd attempt some impressive stunt on some of the playground equipment.  He succeeded, but his friend didn't see it, so he tried it again.  This time he ended up smoking his lower left leg really hard against one of the metal bars that made up the framework of that part of the playground.


The bus showed up shortly afterward, and I didn't actually see the injury/hear the story til after we were on the bus and it was brought to my attention. It swelled up really quickly, and as soon as we got back to base, we rushed him to Sickbay.  It was closed (1900 is closing time) but thankfully the Senior Nursing Officer happened to be in, so we got the cadet looked at, and a half hour later he was escorted to the emergency room.


I don't personally know him (he's in the other Inter Sail division), but I'm really hoping he'll be okay.  I was the same way last year when other cadets happened to get injured or be sick on my watch - I get really concerned, regardless of whether I know them or not.


I'm just hoping that this injury isn't so serious that it gets this 14-year-old kid sent home.  I'm praying for him.


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