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Day One Hundred Ninety-One (Aka: It's the Little Things)
I Am Clever

It's nice to be acknowledged.  Even more so when you don't expect it.


Now, as those of you who read this LJ might remember, I posted a while back that I wanted to get more in shape.  So to help remedy this, I've decided to try and start running on a regular basis while I'm here at Quadra. I went running earlier for the second day in a row, doing 10 half-lengths of the base (pictures to potentially follow later). I was running from a midway point on base to the last building before the gate (there and back = 2 lengths).


Anyway, I was on my last length, getting close to the end.  I was taking a break from running, and power walking up to a certain point (I alternate back and forth in general), after which I'd push it and attempt to sprint/go as fast as I could to the end.


There happened to be a small group of course cadets all standing in a group talking to each other, right in my path on the marching lane.  As I got close to them, they parted themselves down the middle and lined the sides of the marching lane, where they proceeded to cheer and clap for me as I came by, like I was some marathon runner.  That was the motivation I needed to push myself that much sooner and harder toward the end.


I have no idea who they are.  I know they'll never see this.  But whoever you are... you made my day with that small gesture that you decided to do out of nowhere.


Thank you for giving me that boost. :)


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